Monday, March 31, 2014

Robert Sheehan CONFIRMED for Star Wars: Episode VII

It's an AMAZING day for Shadowhunters (and us Jedi) and fans of The Mortal Instruments star Robert Sheehan. Sheehan, who played Simon Lewis in the TMI movie has been confirmed to star in STAR WARS EPISODE VII.

Even more epic and a little ironic is that (SPOILER) Sheehan will play Jacen Solo! Jacen is the son so Hans Solo and Princess Leia and Irish actor Robert Sheehan was today confirmed as one of the lead actors in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII. The 'Misfits' and 'Love/Hate' actor will also play the dual role of Darth Caedus when Jacen Solo turns to the dark side).

Here's the info from the
It's no secret that director JJ Abrams is a fan of the hit RTE show 'Love/Hate' and previously expressed an interest in directing an episode. Speaking about the casting Sheehan revealed "You could say that 'Love/Hate' has been great training for 'Star Wars', there are huge similarities between the drug wars of Dublin and the intergalactic battle of the Jedis. Just swap my handgun for a light saber and essentially you have the same story"
In other Irish news, JJ Abrams revealed that at least 50% of Star Wars: Episode VII will be filmed in Ireland. Principal photography begins this May at Pinewood Studios before moving to Ireland in July.
Irish locations today revealed as part of the movie include : 
The Burren in county Clare which will be used to recreate the planet Anoth, where Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin Solo will spend their early vulnerable childhood years.
Trinity College Library will once again be featured in Star Wars, where it takes the form of the Jedi Archives.
The Ringsend Waste Water Plant will be used for the interior shots of the iconic Millennium Falcon ship. Director JJ Abrams was spotted in Dublin last year on a location hunt and the water plant was one of the highlights of his visit.
The Stephens Green shopping centre will double up as the Star Temples and Infinity Gate on Dathomir. Director JJ Abraham's was blown away by the architecture in the Dublin shopping centre and revealed that he hopes to use some local shoppers as extras in the film.
Due to the movies Irish location, Abrahams revealed that at least 30% of the cast will be Irish. The production team held two days of casting at Dublin's Croke Park earlier in the year and during that time held auditions with some of Ireland's greatest actors including Ronan Keating, who is tipped to play Lowbacca, a wookie nephew of Chewbacca and the Jedward twins who are tipped to play Ewoks in the highly anticipated movie.
Star Wars Episode VII will open in Irish Cinemas on April 1st 2015
Keep an eye on for more legitimate Star Wars news over the coming months 

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