Unidentified Snippets posted by Cassandra Clare. These come from her TMI/TID books. I will try to post the identities of the posts as I have time.

Belatedly, she realized something else. “Do you … have anything?”
He didn’t seem to have recovered from her last comment. “But do you mean — wait, do I have what?”
She slitted her eyes at him. “Something important.”
“Like what? The phone number for the White House?” A moment later, under her withering glare, realization dawned. “Oh.” His was the expression of someone who has run out of gas in the middle of the desert, miles from help. “I … “ - Link

“Oh, God, the lovebirds,” Magnus said, pulling the pillow off his face. “I hate happy couples." - Link
“Will.” Tessa caught at his wrist. “You would not abandon me now — not leave me the only one who still hopes? I cannot do it without you.”
He took a deep breath, half-closing his shadowed blue eyes. “Of course not. I will help. I will continue. It is only —”
He broke off, turning his face away. The light that came down through the window high above illuminated cheek and chin and the curve of his jaw.
“Only what?”
“You remember what else I said to you that day — that day in the drawing-room?” - Clockwork Princess - Link

“I don’t know why I ever helped you.”
“Because you like broken things.” - Link

“You are the Lightwoods — you are all that is left of the Lightwoods.”  Link

“You’re in my bones and my blood and my heart,” he said. “I’d have to tear myself open to let you go.” Link
Not your parabatai any longer Link

Jem leaned closer against the chair, staring into the fire. “Better it were my hands,” he said.
Will shook his head. Exhaustion was muting the edges of everything in the room, blurring the flocked wallpaper into a single mass of dark color. “No. Not your hands. You need your hands for the violin. What do I need mine for?”  Link
When you were an angel, what was your name? Link

… laughing together at all the beautiful ruin around them. They were standing suspended in the sea: it couldn’t hurt them, destruction was their element. Clarissa was looking down as she laughed, trailing her moonlight hands in the water. When she lifted up her hands they were dark, dripping: he realized that the seas were all blood.  Link
“Do you think there’s a chance for him?”
“A chance for who?” 
“Will. To be happy.”
 “Is there a chance for you to be happy if he isn’t?”Link
“In all my previous encounters with Will, he has worn pants. Link
“Did you …” He could barely bring himself to ask. “Did you like it?”
“Yeah.” Her voice was husky. “I liked it.” Link

He kissed each finger, and with each one of them spoken a word. Five kisses, five words. His last. 

Marry me today. Link 

“In your eyes, I have always found grace.” Link  

Identified snippet - Stephen Herondale's letter to Jace - extra from CoLS Barnes & Noble edition.
To my son,
If you are reading this letter, then I am dead.

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