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Shadowhunter Saturday: #PerfectTMICast and actors tags

We thought since we only have a few more days to go on THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES set, we would do our last trending party specifically geared to send our love to the set. With the help of some the fansites dedicated to the actors of TMI: COB, we've decided to do a collaborative trend.

The overall trend for all actors will be #PerfectTMICast which will begin at 11 am EDT on Saturday, November 3. The bloggers from @TMI_Institute will lead this Twitter trend. With the help of the following Twitter sites, we will also be celebrating the work of each actor.

@JamieCBowerUS and @JamieBowerSpain - #PerfectJace (for Jamie Campbell Bower)
@FlawlessCollins - #FlawlessLily (for Lily Collins)
@AidanTurner4evr - #AidanTurnerForever (for Aidan Turner)
@Jrhysmeyerscom - #ValentineIsPerfectbecause (for Jonathan Rhys Meyers)
@TMIShadwhunters - #JemimaOurIsabelle (for Jemima West)
@Allegratastic - #TeamHarris (for Jared Harris)
@thepaisleyowl - #PerfectMagnus (for Godfrey Gao)
@CaptainCutter and @livingforwords - #SheehanisSimon (for Robert Sheehan)
@ShadowhuntersAR - #KevinOurPerfectAlec (for Kevin Zegers)
@TMI_Institute - #LenaOurPerfectJocelyn (for Lena Headey)

Please tweet @TMI_Institute if you have a suggestion or if your site would like to help lead an actor trend.

FAN WEDNESDAY #3: Shadowhunter Fan of the Week: Alessa from @CDSVzla

Here's our very second pick for the Shadowhunter Fan of the Week:

Our second fan of the week comes Alessa Castillo, also known as @CDSVzla! I'm a huge fan of our international Shadowhunter fan community, and Alessa's site,, is the place to go to get your TMI/TID news in Venezuela! Her site is among a very large Shadowhunter fan community in Latin America that are very involved with many international projects, such as the upcoming International Shadowhunters Day.

 Shadow Hunters Venezuela


Do you have a website, video, fanart, music, or anything that was inspired by The Mortal Instruments or The Infernal Devices? We want spotlight you as the Shadowhunter Fan of the Week. All you will need to do is submit your name, email address and a link to your TMI/TID inspired creations and tell us why you want to be a Shadowhunter Fan of the Week in the comments section below or email to We will select a fan each Wednesday, so keep checking back on FAN WEDNESDAY for more!! You just may be next!

xoxo Amber, @TMI_Institute

TMI Halloween Costume Gallery!

Happy Halloween, Shadowhunters and Downworlders! As promised this morning, I wanted to make a place to add new photos of your best costumes related to the Shadowhunter world. Whether you are a Fae, a Tessa Gray, or a Magnus Bane, we want to see your photos here! Tweet @TMI_Institute if you want your picture added to this page.

Embedded image permalink
@meeegusta1D and her bff!
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Embedded image permalink
@mercy1997 and @Purpz_Shirley

 and @Tooppee
Embedded image permalink
Embedded image permalink
@martineghazouli @TMI_Institute runed up and ready to go for the party in a half hour. Now whered my whip go.....?
Embedded image permalink

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'Infernal Devices' Manga to be published by Orbit UK

Tomorrow November 1, 2012, Orbit UK will publish Cassandra Clare's 'Clockwork Angel' The first book in the bestselling 'Infernal Devices' series in manga. They made a deal with Yen Press, the leading manga publisher in the United States. 

The 'Clockwork Angel' manga will tell the story of Will and Jem. Two shadowhunters living in the London Institute. The book will be £7.99.

"With a script adapted by the author herself and art by the phenomenal manga artist HyeKyung Baek (BRING IT ON! and GOSSIP GIRL), this series will appeal to new and established fans of Clare’s witty series and charm young adults and adults alike! "

The cover of the manga of Cassandra Clare's The Infernal Devices shows Shadowhunter Will Herondale
Credit: Orbit Books

'Clockwork Prince' will be out in September 2013 and 'Clockwork Princess' in May 2014.

The Mortal Instruments cast to attend San Diego Comic-Con 2013

Last night Cassandra Clare took some time to answer a lot of fan questions. Which you can see here. She also mentioned that the cast is set to appear at the San Diego Comic-Con.

A fan said that she really wanted to meet Kevin Zegers.

Another fan asked if we were going to meet the cast at Comic-Con.

Cassandra Clare will also be at Comic-Con next year. 

San Diego Comic-Con is July 17-21 with preview night and July 18-21 without preview night , 2013. This years Comic-Con tickets ran for $175 for the whole weekend plus the preview night. Start saving money Shadowhunters because we will be taking over San Diego Comic-Con 2013!

 You can sign up for a Member ID here

Will you be attending Comic-Con 2013? Are you excited to see the cast?

Cassandra Clare answers fan questions!

Last night Cassie took time to answer a lot of fan questions on Twitter. She answered a bunch of cast, book and movie questions. When asked if she's seen the trailer that all of us are so anxious to see, she smiles. Check out the tweets below.

Great siblings!

City of Heavenly Fire will be the last TMI book.

We will probably be emotionally unstable. 

Kevin and Jamie are doing well as best friends.
If you are going to the signing in Toronto at 2PM November 3rd. You can bring all of your books for her to sign. 

Jemima, Aidan and Lily are her favorites!

Jamie is the perfect Jace. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Elyas M'Barek mentioned in AFM 2012: Meet 'The Physician'

As we all know Elyas M'Barek is the Vampire Lieutinent in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. He has another movie that will be released in 2013 called 'The Physician'. He will be playing the character of Karim. The Hollywood Reporter did interviews with the cast.

"Budgeted at $35 million and with a cast that includes not only Oscar winner Kingsley but also Stellan Skarsgard (The Avengers), Olivier Martinez (Unfaithful) and rising German star Elyas M’Barek (The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones), Physician is a world away from the low-budget schlock of Innocence of Muslims.
The film is a sort of pilgrim’s progress: Young Englishman Rob Cole (British actor Tom Payne) is both blessed and cursed with the ability to sense when someone is about to die. He tries to study medicine, but medieval England is a backwater of religious quacks and superstition. Hearing of a gifted physician and teacher in faraway Persia, he sets off, traveling from his English purgatory to the promised land and to the tutelage of the Persian philosopher and scientist Ibn Sina."

Elyas M'Barek as Karim, on the right in the orange.

Check out the full article at The Hollywood Reporter.

The Mortal Instruments teaser trailer will be here "Very Soon"

Today this photo was added to the Mortal Instruments movie Facebook page! The picture hints that the teaser trailer is not far off. Not too long ago director, Harald Zwart took to his Tumblr page to answer a few fan questions. Zwart was asked "When will we see a The Mortal Instruments teaser trailer?" He answered
"Very soon."

What do you think we'll see in the teaser trailer? Will we get our first look at Magnus? The City of Bones? Let us know down below! 

Vote for Cassandra Clare in the 2012 Goodreads Choice Awards!

Go vote for Cassandra Clare for Goodreads 2012 Choice Awards!

City of Lost Souls is nominated for Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction category.

Cassandra Clare is nominated in Best Goodreads Author category for City of Lost Souls.

Its the opening round and we want Cassie to make it to the finals and win! So please go vote for her.

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Martin Moszkowicz shares 'City of Bones' set pics!

Executive Producer Martin Moszkowicz is always sharing set pictures with TMI fans. Today he tweeted a few pics from the set of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.
 "Cassandra at the set of TMI."

 "Last days of shooting."

 "We call it Sandy... "

 "Present from our stunt team"

Be sure to follow Martin Moszkowicz on Twitter @mmoszkowicz

Music Monday #4: "The Clincher" by Chevelle (@chevelleinc)

If there is one band I can vouch for - one band that I can honestly say belongs on THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES soundtrack - it would be Chevelle.

I saw this band back in May at a local music festival. I'd been a fan of them for a few years, but you truly don't get the full experience of how much these guys rock until you hear them deliver songs like "Red", "Send the Pain Below" and the song I've picked for this week's Music Monday: "The Clincher".

This song has many interpretations, there's a much simpler explanation. Chevelle's Sam Loeffler explained to MTV back when the video first premiered in 2005. "It's about claustrophobia. It's cool to get a song out on the radio that everyone can listen to but it's about such a dark subject," Loeffler said. "I read somewhere that the Smashing Pumpkins song 'Today' was about [Billy Corgan] realizing he could end his life at any time and everything would be all right. It was a happy song about a pretty negative thing. And I think it's cool it got through under the radar."

Even more than just claustrophobia, I actually see this song in terms of Jocelyn and Valentine. Take a look at the lyrics:

I'll stand for nothing less
Or never stand again
These are the limits when one's buried
This body's left the soul
(Well)Could we have known
Never would I(have)helped to nail down
Careful of drifting off
Now losing taste and touch
Turning a pale blue leaning in to say
This body's left the soul
The brain needs oxygen
Can't sneak around this bait
His catacomb has got me by the chin
This body's left the soul

(Well)Could we have known
Never would I(have)helped to nail down
With nothing to gain
Here's the clincher, this should be you
Now saturate [x4] and touch
Now saturate [x3], the earth
Now saturate [x3], the earth

[Last chorus:]
(Well)Could we have known
Never would I(have)helped to nail down
With nothing to gain
Here's the clincher, this should be you
(Made cold and crippled)
This happened to be never changing
Holding inside, the phobia viewed
Made cold and crippled, ending it all

Now saturate [x4], the earth
Now saturate [x3]
I think of Jocelyn laying motionless, trapped in her own body as Valentine does what he can to plot and scheme to unleash his evil plans. I can almost hear her singing "Here's the clincher, this should be you".

More about Chevelle:
Chevelle preserves their underdog spirit on Hats Off to the Bull (Epic Records)--their sixth full-length album.

That spirit has characterized the Chicago alternative hard rock trio since its independent debut, 1999's Point #1. Shortly after bursting onto the scene, the group made its major label breakthrough on the platinum-selling Wonder What's Next in 2002. The album spawned chart-topping hits "Send the Pain Below" and "The Red," leading to high-profile tours like OZZfest. Meanwhile, their next effort, 2004's This Type of Thinking Could Do Us In, exceeded gold status and the follow-up Vena Sera bolstered their prominence even further. Most recently, the band scored its highest entry into the Billboard Top 200 with Sci-Fi Crimes in 2009 debuting at #6.

Most artists with over 12 years in the music industry lose their initial fire, but Chevelle burn brighter than ever on Hats Off to the Bull. Rather than simply subscribing to a tried-and-true formula, they made a conscious effort to incorporate new sounds and textures into their patented airtight anthems. As a result, the group composed its most infectious, intriguing, and impressive offering to date.

"We're evolving," declares Chevelle singer, songwriter, and guitarist Pete Loeffler. "The album is different, and it's going to take some people by surprise."

"We wanted to capture more vibe than we had in the past," says drummer and Pete's brother Sam Loeffler. "We're a melodic hard rock band, but we wanted to expand on what that means. It's really important to be aware of what you've done already. We never want to write the same song twice. I think Pete writes 300 days a year. Joe encouraged us to try different instruments and techniques. He pushed us to continually play everything until it was right too. There are so many nuances to this music as a result."

Bassist Dean Bernardini agrees that Joe added something special to the project. "Joe was a perfect fit for this record. On the last record--Sci-Fi Crimes--we explored the possibilities of longer bridges and segues in an effort to deepen our musical waters. With Joe's laid back style of recording and creative input, we were able to assemble a collection of songs that greatly differ from each other, while having the consistent hard hitting tones that make up songs like 'Face To The Floor.'"

Those nuances come through loud and clear as a talk box echoes through the hard-hitting title track, reverb adds schizophrenic vitality to "The Meddler," and an organ colors the acoustic "Won't Be Left Out" with ethereal flourishes.

"We used a couple different things to pull that vibe out of the songs," adds Pete. "Using the talk box, reverb, and organ were completely out of our comfort zone, but we were excited to try something new."

At the start of the sessions, a brutal seven-day migraine sidelined Sam, and it altered the course of recording. "I was doing drums practically bleeding out of my head," he continues. "Some days, I literally couldn't get out of bed so they ended up working on the lighter tracks like 'Won't Be Left Out.' It set the tone for us to take our time and be experimental."

The album's first single "Face to the Floor" is emblematic of the band's progression. A grinding riff snakes through a hypnotic haze as Pete rails against the corporate corruption of Bernie Madoff on one of the most explosive hooks of the band's career. Simultaneously, Sam powers through a propulsive beat locked into Dean's groove. As soon as "Face to the Floor" hit airwaves, it became the #1 most added record at Active and Alternative Rock radio, a testament to the band's songwriting prowess and eternal knack for a hit.

Sam goes on, "Pete brought the riff to us, and we started jamming on it. The more we play together, the tighter we become. It was such a good riff that we didn't want to mess with it."

"It's an angry song," reveals Pete. "The lyrics are about someone who's been taken advantage of. I reference Bernie Madoff and his Ponzi scheme. He raked people over the coals, stole, and is a terrible person. One day, these people have everything, and it's completely gone the next. At the time, I wondered exactly what went on and how it could happen."

Chevelle still keep everything a family affair, inviting their sister Natalie to add vocals to "Same Old Trip." Her falsetto rises alongside Pete's scream as the riff and drums stomp along together. Lyrically, the singer examines censorship.

"It's something everybody has to deal with, especially if you're in any kind of creative world," Pete exclaims. "You're going to have to face people trying to censor what you do. Don't fall into the same old trip."

The album title sums up the band's ethos. The singer had stumbled upon bullfighting pictures online and began reading about the sport, appalled at its brutality. "It's such a heartless sport and it's so torturous for these animals," says Sam. "We got the idea of rooting for the bull instead. We root for the underdog."

In the end, Chevelle are speaking out for underdogs across the board. "I'm writing about a lot of serious issues and emotions," says Pete. "When I was a kid, I used to throw on Led Zeppelin records, turn off the lights, and watch the stereo lights blink in total darkness. I'd crank it up, feel the rawness, and think about what was going on in my life at the time. I hope people can get lost in our music like that."

"We play music because it's what we love," concludes Sam. "It's been that way since the beginning. We're going to continue to ride this wave and see where it goes."

You can go follow the band on Twitter at and go like their Facebook page.

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SHADOWHUNTER MISSION: International Shadowhunter Day coming soon!

Happy Day 300! We have a huge mission for all the Shadowhunters, Downworlders and Mundanes out there.
We have joined forces with several TMI blog sites across the globe to create several projects for International Shadowhunters Day, which is tentatively scheduled for November 7th (last day of shooting on The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones).
The first project comes from our many friends in Latin America. What we would like you to do is send a picture of yourself with a sign, like you see in the invite above, that tells what type of TMI being you are. Make sure you do this in your own language.

Please send the pics to following e-mails:
Vampires: or
Others (Demons, angels, mundanes, ducks, cats...):,,

The deadline to send the pictures is NOVEMBER 3.
In addition to the sign project, TMI Institute will be asking you to video yourself acting out your fave scenes from CITY OF BONES! We know you all secretly dream of being in the TMI movie, so now is your chance to do scenes from the movie YOUR WAY.
Here's what you need to do:
Take that TMI costume you are going to wear for Halloween (or just dress up like your fave TMI character) and act out your fave scenes from City of Bones! Grab your friends to join you and make the scenes as creative as you want!
Upload your video to the The Mortal Institute's YouTube page by November 4th. You can make them as long or short as you want! We will take all your videos and post them on our site on International Shadowhunters Day!!
There are other projects that will be announced soon, including a very cool Twitter avatar project for International Shadowhunters Day! Stay tuned for more!

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Dress Like Your Favorite TMI Character!

Halloween is less than a week away. If you are a last minute costume shopper like many of us are, you may need some help to spark a few ideas. As fans of The Mortal Instruments, it is an amazing thought to be one of the characters a year before the film hits. We can be trendsetters together!! So, we wanted to give you a few hints on what you can do to dress like the TMI characters. If you don't have some of these items in your closet, we've provided links to the sites so you can start shopping now!

Classic Clary: 
A hooded jean jacket for $41.99 hereClary's plaid shirt to layer under the jean jacket from Abercrombie and Fitch for $49.00.
Abercrombie and Fitch Plaid Women's Red Shirt
You can wear any cute sleeveless top under the plaid. I chose a nod to both the best songwriter ever and NYC at a great price of $14.80 from Forever 21.A pair of 1969 curvy jeans from the Gap. Junky brown belt that goes with the outfit. Finally, to get the classic Clary hair without the permanent effects, go with the Blackheart red temporary hair color at Hot Topic for $5.50.


Dark Brown Stud Women Wide Long Extra Large Belt Blackheart Red Temporary Hair Color Sku 520986

Simon's style is pretty simple to replicate. Start out with the Brooklyn Industries MADE IN BROOKLYN graphic tee ($34.00).  I found a classic red hoodie like we've seen Robert in when signing autographs at for $15.99.
We would pair it up with a pair of Men's Slim-Fit Jeans from Old Navy for $25 and a pair of DC Shoes men's Gatsby 2 sneakers for $55. You can't be Simon without glasses. Hot Topic has a perfect pair for $9.99.
Jace as a Shadowhunter: There is nothing quite as sexy as a guy in leather, and no one who can quite do it better than Jace. If you want the Jace look, here's what you can do.

Start with a Coated Faux Leather Jacket for 47.90.Under that wear a royal blue Ribbed V-neck T-shirt for $7.90. The blue helps bring out a pop of color. And of course leather pants. Stylish Zip Fly Button Closure Faux Leather Pants for $24.18. Boots are very much need for any Shadowhunter. These black Force Boots for $26.49-45.70 go with the costume perfectly.The jacket and T-shirt are from Forever 21 Men. The boots and pants from Amazon. Jace also carries swords so you can too. Party City has the perfect ones for you with Criss-Cross swords with sheathing that goes on your back, just like Jace for $16.99.

Double Ninja Swords 24in

An Isabelle as a Shadowhunter costume is a very stylish costume indeed! All parts of the costume could be reused and worn as elements of an outfit so don't fret too much about the dollars you might spend, you'll have some great wardrobe pieces to work with in the end!!

First, you'll want to find a black leather or faux leather blazer. Look for something with 3/4 length sleeves so you can show off any arm accessories, like Izzy's whip coiled around her arm.

Under the leather jacket opt for a short black dress like this one found at here for $26.99
Or you could pair your leather jacket with an equally stunning leather dress with black lace sleeves inspired by Isabelle's zeal for old world style. Better yet if you can find something like this leather half dress half jacket combo you're set.
A pair of thigh high black stiletto boots are must, tight, sexy, protecting the legs from demon ichor...

A gold whip will help complete the look. Gold would be best rather than a black whip to help give the illusion that the whip is enchanted. A gold snake shaped bangle around the wrist can also give the illusion of the whip being coiled around Isabelle's arm as she so often wears it. Check out for gold whips and here for this snake shaped bangle.
Complete Isabelle's look with her ruby necklace, you can't forget the ruby necklace! Pick yours up at

Don't forget Izzy's long flowing dark hair.

And then cap the look off with a smokey eye and either a neutral lip or...
A sultry red lip. And there you have it! The perfect Isabelle ready to kick some shadow butt!

Alec as Shadowhunter:  Alec is equally as swoonworthy as a Shadowhunter, so here's the steps you need to create your own style like Alec's. Alec's costume consists of Zip Pocket Bomber Jacket for $39.90 and Plain black T-shirt runs for $5.90 at Forever 21 Men. Black Ripple Sole Jungle Boots $36.85-$62.40 and Stylish Zip Fly Button Closure Faux Leather Pants for $24.18 both from Amazon. We all know that Alec is amazing with a Bow and Arrows and you can get those from Hot Topic for $9.75.

Magnus costume: Get a studded leather jacket from Ebay for $60-$100. Magnus, being the High Warlock of Brooklyn wears things that are risque. Crinkle shirt from Etsy for $40.00 Mid Calf Black Lace Up Combat Boots from Amazon at $44.49. Of course you need a few accessories. Hot Topic has a good variety of things that Magnus would wear. Like Three Row Pyramid Belt or Spike Wrist Cuff starting at $8.00. To pull of the Magnus look you need lots and lots of glitter and hair gel. Magnus likes to wear his hair up in spikes. Party City also has Glitter Spray for $2.99. You could also wear fingerless gloves like these from Amazon for $19.99.

Men's crinkle gold short sleeve

Non-Leather Three Row Pyramid Belt Sku 107348
Like these Red Plaid Zip Skinny Pants from Hot Topic Tie Die Skinny Jeans or Black Zipper Skinny Pants starting at $44.50 from Hot Topic.

Royal Bones Black Zipper Skinny Pants Sku 147379RUDE Black Tie Dye Skinny Fit Denim Jeans Sku 179524Royal Bones Red Plaid Zip Skinny Pants Sku 182976

Hodge Starkweather: This is a classic look that is easy to purchase, and you may be able to find this style in your dad or grandad's closet. Gray Tweed jacket from Etsy for $15.00. Ebay has jackets here and a few full tweed suites like this one for $39.97. We of course know that Hodge doesn't go anywhere without Hugo. We found one on Amazon for $39.99.

Harris Tweed Herringbone Mens Maize and Blue

“Faeries are fallen angels," said Dorothea, "cast down out of heaven for their pride."
"That's the legend," Jace said. "It's also said that they're the offspring of demons and angels, which always seemed more likely to me. Good and evil, mixing together. Faeries are as beautiful as angels are supposed to be, but they have a lot of mischief and cruelty in them.” City of Bones
"She could see why they were called the Fair Folk, for they were fair indeed with their pale lovely faces, their wings of lilac and gold and blue..." 
"She looked again-and froze. The faces that had seemed so lovely to to her were still lovely, yet behind them lurked something vulpine, almost feral. The girl with the pink and blue wings beckoned, and Clary saw that her fingers were made of twigs, budded with closed leaves.  her eyes were entirely black without iris or pupil." City of Ashes

So the Fair Folk, while fair, aren't always as they seem.  While it would be quite easy to don a ready made fairy costume (I wouldn't suggest Tinker Bell though), you could get creative starting with a pair of wings and some make up.  Wings do vary in price, but you can find them just about anywhere, and most of the time for under $20.  I really like these.
Amethyst Sparkle wings at

Make up of course varies, but instead of going straight for costume makeup you could search of cheaper brands at places like Walmart or Target. Incorporating things like twigs or leaves in your hair, as "tattoos" or on your body would also work well too.  Just remember, the Fae of TMI aren't just cute fairies, they have a menacing look underneath, which could really lend itself to some wonderful interpretations.

I love all of these looks, and just imagine what you could do!  I think the Fae are a fun choice because you can really put yourself into it! And what is great about the internet is tutorials! If you aren't great at make up I found tons of tutorials to show you how.  So, if you don't want an off the rack costume grab that cute little dress you never wear!  Get a pair of wings! Come up with some fun and funky makeup!  Grab a wig! Put flowers or glitter or twigs in your hair!  And don't forget that mischievous Faerie attitude!

Let us know which character you are dressing as. You can even leave us a picture of you and your friends dressed as Shadowhunters or Downworlders in your costumes in the comments below.

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