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MTV gets first listen to Clockwork Princess audiobook

The very lucky peeps at MTV were afforded the first listen to their very own Daniel Sharman (Teen Wolf) narrating the upcoming conclusion to The Infernal Devices series Clockwork Princess.

Take a listen:

What are your thoughts on Daniel's narration? Make sure to check out the book when it hits shelves on March 19th!

@kcubes TMI set report

Studio Gems

Kaitlin Cubria (@kcubes) of shared her set report from her visit to Toronto during filming of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Kaitlin is a mega TMI fan, a true shadowhunter, so this report comes to you with a lot of excitement on her part. She even got to meet local Canadian boy...err very tall man, Kevin Durand! Lucky girl.

Check out her report at

New Lightwood card from the Shadowhunter Tarot

A little bit of Thursday heartbreak. The four of steles/wands from Cassandra Jean’s Shadowhunter Tarot, a card that often represents home and family. The Lightwood kids in happy past days.
This is heartbreaking to see a sweet light Max Lightwood, don't you agree?
Cassandra Clare posted the latest of the Shadowhunter Tarot.
Here's what Cassie said:
A little bit of Thursday heartbreak. The four of steles/wands from Cassandra Jean’s Shadowhunter Tarot, a card that often represents home and family. The Lightwood kids in happy past days.
Make sure to check out all of Cassandra Jean's Shadowhunter Tarot.

Robert Sheehan verified on Twitter?

We've debated and wondered. We've all followed the account for months now and tried to decide. Will the real Robert Sheehan please stand up?

All of us have been eager to have all the actors from The Mortal Instruments series on Twitter. So far we have @LilyCollins, @JamieBower, @KevinZegers (who is super great with talking to fans and is recently verified), @GodfreyGao (the Instagram king), @IamLenaHeadey, @JRM_Official, and @CCHPounder.

The final stall outs have been Robert, Aidan Turner and Jemima West. Jemima confirmed to fans on set that she does not have a Twitter account, and up until recently, Robert has said he didn't tweet.

Check out the very first couple minutes of this interview with ShowBizGeek where he cleared up the "Twitter confusion":

So we wondered... did he have one pint too many? Because on February 15th, the account @RobMSheehan, which had been dormant since 2011, sprang to life...

Following that, there were a couple more tweets, and everyone was worried that the account had been hacked. I even checked Robbie's brother's account, Brendan, and this is what he said on February 16: "again doesn't use social media so not him not him and not him again."

Situation settled in my eyes. But, that didn't necessarily mean he never had Twitter, right? We just didn't know.

So then... on February 18th, we get the following....
And as of recent, his account has been verified. But, with Twitter silence for the past 10 days, one must ask, "Where is Robert?" Is this the real Robert? It's pretty hard to get legitimately verified, so one figures that this could really be him. I'm hoping we'll get a Twitter pic of him holding a sign saying, "Hey, this is really me on Twitter", and we can all have a big laugh. We believed ya the whole time . . . :/

As of now, I'm still going to wait patiently for some more verification. Brendan Sheehan, any help here? Nonetheless, welcome aboard (or back) to Twitter, "absentee Twitterer, though real and verified" Robert Sheehan, if it is indeed you! We promise to filter ourselves accordingly and not fangirl too much (we figure you secretly probably may like it a little). We look forward to random hilarity and hopefully bits and bobs of news about TMI and his other upcoming projects.

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Cassandra Clare shares whole Will and Cecily scene from first chapter of 'CLOCKWORK PRINCESS'!

Cassandra Clare has decided to share the whole Will and Ccily scene from the first chapter with us because of the whole mess up with the tweets to get the chapter. Here is what she had to say:

So the chapter reveal of Clockwork Princess is coming along, but as you probably know due to a glitch earlier a whole bunch - thousands - of tweets didn’t get counted. So right now I’m just going to put up the whole Will/Cecily (er, not Will/Cecily per se, but the scene with them talking) scene from the first chapter, under a read more tag. It’ll be a while before the whole scene is played out on the website, and this is my way of apologizing for how disorganized and unpleasant this whole business has been. I wish I could do something about it, but I can’t. I’ll probably get a lot of flak for doing this. But anyway, here it is (and if it doesn’t match up with what’s eventually on the chapter reveal, that’s because I don’t actually have a copyedited, proofed, final version of the book. I only have a draft.)



“Write to them, Will,” said Cecily Herondale. “Please. Just one letter.”
Will tossed his sweat-soaked dark hair back and glared at her. “Get your feet into position,” was all he said. He pointed, with the tip of his dagger. “There, and there.”
Cecily sighed, and moved her feet. She had known she was out of position; she’d been doing in intentionally, to needle Will. It was easy to needle her brother. That much she remembered about him from when he had been twelve years old. Even then daring him to do anything, even climb the steeply pitched roof of their manor house, had resulted in the same thing: an angry blue flame in his eyes, a set jaw, and sometimes Will with a broken leg or arm at the end of it.
Of course this brother, the nearly adult Will, was not the brother she remembered from her childhood. He had grown both more explosive and more withdrawn. He had all their mother’s beauty, and all their father’s stubbornness — and, she feared, his propensity for vices, though she had guessed that only from whispers among the occupants of the Institute.
“Raise your blade,” Will said. His voice was as cool and professional as her governess’.
Cecily raised it. It had taken her some time to get used to the feel of gear against her skin: the loose tunic and trousers, the belt around her waist. Now she moved in it as comfortably as she had ever moved in the loosest nightdress. “I don’t understand why you won’t consider writing a letter. A single letter.”
“I don’t understand why you won’t consider going home,” Will said. “You are not made of Shadowhunter stuff, Cecy; you only came here to convince me to go home with you, and that I will not do. If you would just agree to return home yourself, you could stop worrying about our parents and I could arrange —”
Cecily interrupted him, having heard this speech a thousand times. “Would you consider a wager, Will?”
Cecily was both pleased and a little disappointed to see Will’s eyes spark, just the way her father’s always did when a gentleman’s bet was suggested. Men were so easy to predict, she thought.
“What sort of a wager, Cecily?” Will took a step forward; he was wearing gear; Cecily could see the Marks that twined his wrists, the mnemosyne rune on his throat. It had taken her some time to see the Marks as something other than disfiguring her brother, but she was used to them now — as she had grown used to the gear, to the great echoing halls of the Institute, and to its peculiar denizens. She pointed at the wall in front of them. An ancient target had been painted on the wall in black: a bull’s eye inside a larger circle. “If I hit the center of that three times, you have to write a letter to Da and Ma and tell them how you are. You must tell them of the curse and why you left.”
Will’s face closed like a door, the way it always did when she made this request. But, “You’ll never hit it three times without missing, Cecy.”
“Well, then it should be no great concern to you to make the bet, William.” She used his full name purposefully and coolly; she knew it bothered him, coming from her, though when his best friend — no, his parabatai, she had learned since coming to the Institute that these were quite different things — Jem did it, he seemed to take it as a term of affection. Possibly it was because he still had memories of her toddling after him on chubby legs, calling Will, Will, after him in breathless Welsh. She had never called him William, only ever Will or his Welsh name, Gwilym.
His eyes narrowed, those dark-blue eyes the same color as her own. When their mother had said affectionately that Will would be a breaker of hearts when he was grown, Cecily had always looked at her dubiously. Will, it seemed to Cecily, was all arms and legs, skinny and disheveled and always dirty. She could see it now, though, had seen it when she had first walked into the dining room of the Institute and he had stood up in astonishment, and she had thought: That can’t be Will.
He had turned those eyes on her, her mother’s eyes, and she had seen the anger in them. He had not been pleased to see her, not at all. And where there had been a skinny boy with a wild tangle of black hair like a Gypsy’s and leaves in his clothes had been in her memories was this tall, frightening man instead.The words she had wanted to say had dissolved on her tongue and she had only matched him, glare for glare. And so it had been since, Will barely enduring her presence as if she were a pebble in his shoe, a constant annoyance.
Cecily took a deep breath, raised her chin, and threw the first knife. Will did not know, would never know, of the hours she had spent up her, alone, practicing, learning to balance the weight of the knife in her hand, discovering that a good knife throw began from behind the body. She held both arms out straight now and drew her right arm back, behind her head, before bringing it, and the weight of her body, forward — the tip of the knife was in line with the target — she released it and snapped her hand back, sucking in a gasp.
The knife stuck, point-down in the wall, exactly in the center of the target.
“One,” Cecily said, giving Will a superior smile.
He looked at her stonily, yanked the knife from the wall, and handed it to her again.
Cecily threw it. The second throw, like the first, flew direct to its target and stuck there, vibrating like a mocking finger.
“Two,” Cecily said, in a sepulchral tone.
Will’s jaw set as he took the knife again and presented it to her. She took it with a smile. Confidence was flowing through her veins like new blood. She knew she could do this. She had always been able to climb as high as Will, run as fast, hold her breath as long …
She threw the knife. It struck its target and she leaped into the air, clapping her hands, forgetting herself for a moment in the thrill of victory. Her hair came down from its pins and spilled into her face; she pushed it back and grinned at Will. “You shall write that letter. You gave your word.”
To her surprise, he smiled at her. “Oh, I will write it,” he said. “I will write it, and then I will throw it in the fire.” He held up a hand against her outburst of indignation. “I said I would write it. I never said I would send it.”
Cecily’s breath went out of her in a gasp. “How dare you trick me like that!”
“I told you that you were not made of Shadowhunter stuff, or you would not be so easily fooled. I am not going to write a letter, Cecy, it’s against the Law, and that’s the end of it.”
“As if you care about the Law!” Cecily stamped her foot, and was immediately more annoyed than ever; she detested girls who stamped their feet.
Will’s eyes narrowed. “And you don’t care about being a Shadowhunter. How is this: I shall write a letter and give it to you if you promise to deliver it home yourself — and not to return.”
Cecily recoiled; she had many memories of shouting matches with Will, of the china dolls she had owned that he had broken by dropping them out an attic window; but there was also kindness in her memories: the brother who had bandaged up a cut knee, or retied her hair ribbons when they came loose. That kindness was absent from the Will who stood before her now. Her mother had used to cry for the first year or two after Will went; she had said, in Welsh, holding Cecily to her, that they — the Shadowhunters — would “take all the love out of him.” A cold, unloving people, she had told Cecily, who had forbidden her marriage to her husband. What could he want with them, her Will, her little one?
“I will not go,” Cecily said, staring her brother down. “And if you insist that I must, I will — I will —”
The door of the attic slid open and Jem stood silhouetted in the doorway. “Ah,” he said, “threatening each other, I see. Has this been going on all afternoon or did it just begin?”
“He began it,” Cecily said, jerking her chin at Will, though she knew it was pointless. Jem, Will’s parabatai, treated her with the distant sweet kindness reserved for the little sisters of one’s friends, but he would always side with Will. Kindly, but firmly, he put Will above everything else in the world.
Well, nearly everything. She had been most struck by Jem when she had first come to the Institute — he had an unearthly, unusual beauty, with his silvery hair and eyes, and the delicate foreignness to his features. He looked like a prince in a fairy tale book, and she might have considered developing an attachment to him were it not so absolutely clear that he was entirely in love with Tessa Gray. His eyes followed her where she went, and his voice changed when he spoke to her. Cecily had once heard her mother say in amusement that one of their neighbors’ boys looked at a girl as if she were “the only star in the sky” and that was the way Jem looked at Tessa.
Cecily didn’t resent it: Tessa was pleasant and kind to her, if a little shy, and with her face always stuck in a book like Will. If that was the sort of girl Jem wanted, she and he never would have suited — and the longer she remained at the Institute, the longer she realized how awkward it would have made things with Will. He was ferociously protective of Jem, and he would have watched her constantly in case she ever distressed or hurt Jem in any way. No — she was far better out of the whole thing.
“I was just thinking of bundling up Cecily and feeding her to the ducks in Hyde Park,” said Will, pushing his wet hair back and favoring Jem with a rare smile. “I could use your assistance.”
“Unfortunately, you may have to delay your plans for sorocide a bit longer. Gabriel Lightwood is downstairs and I have two words for you. Two of your favorite words, at least when you put them together.”
“Utter simpleton?“ inquired Will. “Worthless upstart?”
Jem grinned. “Demon pox,” he said.
What are your thoughts on this scene betweeen Cecily and Will? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
Clockwork Princess will be avaiable in stores on March 19th.

New 'Clockwork Princess' snippet!

Today we have been tweeting to get the first chapter of the last book in The Infernal Devices series. For all of our hard work Cassandra Clare has rewarded up with a snippet from Clockwork Princess.

"His eyes narrowed, those dark blue eyes the same color as her own. When their mother had said affectionately that Will would be a breaker of hearts when he was grown, Cecily had always looked at her dubiously. Will had been all arms and legs then, skinny and disheveled and always dirty. She could see it now, though, had seen it when she had first walked into the dining room of the Institute and he had stood up in astonishment, and she had thought:That can’t be Will."

We only have less than a month until we find out what happens to Tessa, Jem and Will.

Theory Tuesday: Bloggers discuss Will Herondale predictions


We all have very anxious feels about what will happen in the final Infernal Devices book Clockwork Princess. So, in a way to hash out the theories (reader bewarned if you haven't read the series... we may talk spoilers), I've enlisted the help of some of my favorite bloggers (@TMIShadwhunters, @TMI_colombia, @TMIspanishnews, @shannoncatori, @TMICanada and @ThePaisleyOwl) to discuss our predictions and debate some of your favorite theories.

FIRST UP: Let's talk about William Herondale.

AMBER, The Mortal Institute:
“It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known." Charles Dickens

When I look at Will Herondale, I see a reflection of Sydney Carton, a protagonist in the Dickens classic "A Tale of Two Cities". In the novel, Sydney is a lawyer characterized as lazy and drunk who takes very little interest in life. He just plainly doesn't seem to care about anyone or anything. Sound a bit familiar? Sydney comes to represent prisoner Charles Darnay. Darnay is in love with Lucie Mannette, but we find out the Sydney also has formed an unrequited love for Lucie. (See where I'm going with this?)

Anyway, Sydney talks to Charles a bit about Lucie. Though he comes off rather rude and bitter, you can tell he has feelings for her. He later tells Lucie he loves her, and that he'll do anything for her and for those she loves. Well, this plan doesn't work. Is any of this ringing a bell? Lucie plans to marry Charles anyway. To make a long story short, Charles is sentenced to the guillotine, and Will (I mean Sydney) makes an ultimate sacrifice by taking Charles' place underneath the blade.

Now, I have no idea how Cassie Clare end the series, but it's possible that Will is facing a Dickens' style fate. We know a lot of times modern day writers take the classic plots and work them into new, interesting novels. I'm really interested to see what twist Cassie puts in this final tale of Will Herondale.

TITA, TMI Spanish News: I'm scared... really scared of what will happen to Will in Clockwork Princess... >.<
CELINE, TMI Canada: I. Just. Don’t. Know. I’m staring at my clock trying to figure out the future of Will Herondale, and many unorganized scenarios rush into my mind:
I feel like if Jem dies, Will would not continue to chase after Tessa.
Then, I think, perhaps there’s hope that somehow Jem encourages Will to marry Tessa because he is dying.
At the same time I feel, Will is going to do something spontaneous –something we would never see coming- like become a silent brother…
Another thought is Will runs away and that’s when he says “If there is a life after this one,” he said, “let me meet you in it, James Carstairs.
But as I re-read the snippet, “Will rose slowly to his feet. He could not believe he was doing what he was doing, but it was clear that he was, clear as the silver rim around the black of Jem’s eyes… Jem held his hand out, and for a moment, they clasped hands, as they had done during their parabatai ritual, reaching across twin rings of fire to interlace their fingers with each other.” It seems as if Will is about to commit to something that could end his life.

SARAH, The Mortal Institute: I actually think that Will's ending will be quiet and sort of happy. I think that his love for Jem is greater than his love for Tessa, meaning no matter what happens to Jem he wouldn't go after Tessa. I mean, Jace is a Herondale, so we know that the bloodline continues. I would like to think that Will finds his love of his life and has a long and happy life and children.

SATIN, The Mortal Institute: I have no clue at all as to where Will's life is headed, but what I do know is that the Herondale bloodline is continued because we of course are blessed with Jace Herondale. This pretty much means that he and Tessa do not end up together. I believe that Will will end up happy. I do know one thing, Will deserves happiness and I hope that he gets it.

LILIANA, TMI Colombia: I love Will Herondale. He´s maybe my favorite TID character, but honestly, if I can be sure of one thing right now, is that we won´t have a happy ending on Clockwork Princess, and we won’t have a happy ending for Will Herondale. He is going to suffer for sure. If Jem dies, part of him will die with Jem. And for respect of Jem’s memory, he won´t have a relationship with Tessa.
If Jem survive, he will have to swallow his feelings for Tessa and maybe join to the Silent Brothers or die alone…
Can I say that all the theories are killing me?

SHANNON, The Mortal Institute: I think regardless of if Will ends up with Tessa or Jem does, in the end of Clockwork Princess, Will would have learned what it truly means to love and be loved. We know he loves Tessa and wants to have a life with her but he also loves Jem and is willing to do whatever necessary to keep Jem alive. And I could see Will sacrificing himself for the ones he loves, to ensure their happiness which ultimately brings him happiness too.

Next week, we discuss our final theories on Jem Carstairs. Please feel free to comment in the box below or tweet us to share your thoughts on the final predictions for our main TID characters.

First chapter for CLOCKWORK PRINCESS revealed

 The first chapter of the final installment of The Infernal Devices series Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare was revealed today via

The first chapter is titled "A Dreadful Row" with a folk rhyme to kick it off.

By tweeting the tag #ClockworkPrincess, fans unveiled the first chapter of the book. Go here to read the first chapter. Make sure to tweet the hashtag and follow along with us on @TMI_Institute on Twitter for first reactions to the chapter.

First chapter of CLOCKWORK PRINCESS revealed

In another brilliant move by SimonTeen, the first chapter is revealing the final installment of The Infernal Devices series Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare.

By tweeting the tag #ClockworkPrincess, fans unveiled the first chapter of the book. Go here to read the first chapter. Make sure to tweet the hashtag and follow along with us on @TMI_Institute on Twitter for first reactions to the chapter.
We have to have roughly 500,000 tweets to reveal the chapter (100 tweets=1 chapter word). There's lots of work to do! GO TEAM SHADOWHUNTERS!

MTV reveals first interview with MORTAL INSTRUMENTS star Godfrey Gao

TMI fans across the globe have anxiously been waiting for August 23 to arrive when we finally get to see the shadowhunter world come to life on the big screen.
Over the past several months we've been lucky to catch glimpses of what's to come through set reports and pictures snapped, through interviews with the cast and a much anticipated trailer. But all the while something, rather someone was missing. MAGNUS.
We got our first taste of Magnus during Sony's Valentine's week graphics display and it was just enough to whet out palettes leaving us begging for more. Well by the angel, our prayers have been answered.
Josh Horowitz of MTV has finally given us some real Magnus magic we can all salivate over until the movie arrives.
Watch it on MTV here.

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Check it out on Youtube here.


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MTV Introduces Us to Magnus Bane Tuesday February 26

Shadowhunters rejoice! According to @joshuahorowitz of MTV tomorrow we finally get a bit of Magnus's magic we've all been waiting for.

This is truly exciting news, tomorrow can't come soon enough! 

What do you think we'll get? Share your thoughts in the comments bar below.

Shadowhunter Tweets o' the Week: February 17-23, 2013

There was nothing that rocked the Shadowhunter fandom quite like the premiere of the Clockwork Princess trailer on Here's a look at some of our favorite tweets about the trailer and other big news from the Shadowhunter fandom from the week February 17-23, 2013.

Feb 21
Forget about Will and Jem, I'm all after watching the book trailer.
one month and one day until . Also, don't forget this is a SCENE FROM THE BOOK


you are my last chance: Clockwork Princess Chapter Reveal - ETA: “Where is the reveal going to take place?”...
clockwork princess trailer questions - ETA: (Edited to add) Who is the hot asian guy in the Clockwork...
All I want is for to meet Jace and them to have a witty, sarcastic conversation! :-)
tessa isn't a warlock & make hot babies wid Will. Jem doesn't die because they'll find a cure and he'll end up wid me OKAY :(

Photo: themortalinstitute: Love to see the conceptual drawings versus the movie stills. Thanks ...
Heading to for a little work.
Everything I'm seeing on looks incredible. Prepare to have your minds blown.
City Of BonesVerified account@MortalMovieFeb 23
Embedded image permalink
  • I am so so proud of Robbie, he deserved all the success in the world and he will get it too. :) x


    Hey Tess, hey, you're beautiful in your dress. I mean, you were.

    My heart...Someone help
    "She was torn by her love for another, who's heart would die with him" :'(. I'm not taking this well

    MUSIC MONDAY #20: "In the End" by Black Veil Brides

    I wanted to get right to the video first, our 20th pick for Music Monday, which is "In the End" by Black Veil Brides. This song would be perfect for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. This song has become my anthem for Jace Wayland. It screams I kick ass, and I take names. That to me is Jace. He is badass to the core, but inside, he has worries. He has fears.
    I think this song speaks volumes about facing fear in the face of death. Even if you don't know what you will face after and you don't know how you will go down in history (though we know Jace is the greatest Shadowhunter of his generation), you will face down whatever evils lay before you with a strength an determination that will chase those fears and doubts away.
    Here's the lyrics so you can decide for yourself:
    In The End as you fade into the night Woah oh
    Who will tell the story of your life?
    In The End
    As my souls laid to rest
    What is left of my body? Or am I just a shell?
    And I have fought
    And with flesh and blood
    I commanded an Army
    Through it all I have given my heart for a moment of glory (I gave it all)
    In The End as you fade into the night
    Woah oh oh
    Who will tell the story of your life?
    Woah oh oh
    And who will remember your last goodbye?
    Cause its the end
    And Im not afraid I'm not afraid to die
    I'm not afraid, i'm not afraid to die
    Born a saint
    But with every sin I still want to be holy
    I will live again
    Who we are
    Isn't how we live we are more than our bodies I
    f I fall I will rise back up and relive my glory

    In The End as you fade into the night
    Woah oh oh
    Who will tell the story of your life?
    Woah oh oh
    And who will remember your last goodbye?
    Cause its the end
    And Im not afraid I'm not afraid to die

    In The End as you fade into the night
    Woah oh oh
    Who will tell the story of your life
    Woah oh oh
    And who will remember your last goodbye
    Cause It's The End
    And I'm not afraid I'm not afraid to die
    Who will remember this last goodbye
    Cause It's The End
    And I'm not afraid I'm not afraid to die
    Not Afraid
    Not Afraid to die
    Not Afraid
    Not Afraid to die!

    Do you have a song you'd like to see for Music Monday? Share your requests with us below or on Twitter to @TMI_Institute.

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