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365 Days of TMI - Day 357

Yesterday we finished out the Pandemonium scene with Clary, Simon and the Shadowhunters. Poor Clary....even Simon doesn't understand what she saw in the back room of the club. She saw people others couldn't see. She saw a demon. She saw demon hunters. She got called...a mundie? What in the world was that about? When she gets home, of course her mom fussed at her. The next day, as she draws variations of the golden haired boy, a dark prince in this instance, she gets a call.

"Is this Clarissa Fray?" The voice on the other end of the phone sounded familiar, though not immediately identifiable.

Clary twirles the phone cord nervously around her finger. "Yeees?"

"Hi, I'm one of the knife-carrying hooligans you met.

last night in Pandemonium? I'm afraid I made a bad impression and was hoping you'd give me a chance to make it up to - "

"SIMON!" Clary held the phone away from her ear as he cracked up laughing. "That is so not funny!"

"Sure it is. You just don't see the humor."


Simon tries to kid with her about the previous night. I think he's worried about her, but handles stress with humor. That's what best friends do, right? They see you through the rough moments. They make you laugh when you want to cry. They're there to be silly with you when you're bored and just be there to listen when you have to vent.

To have a best friend, you have to be a best friend. Simon and Clary are great examples of what best friends should be. Loyal, patient, caring, and always there for each other!

Stay here for another day of TMI tidbits tomorrow!

(Pic credit via Tessa Gray)

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'Clockwork Princess' snippet

Cassie Clare posted another 'Clockwork Princess' snippet today. This is the second one of the week. 

"Her throat ached: adoration, heartbreak, in equal measure. “Kiss me,” she said. “Please.”

I think that I am just going to sit in the corner and cry until the book to comes out. Who do you think that Tessa is kissing? Jem or Will? We'll have to wait until March 18th, 2013 to see. Let us know what you think down below.

Shadowhunter Saturday trend: #FabulousMagnus

In honor of our High Warlock of Brooklyn, Godfrey Gao, making his way to Toronto, we will tweet the following hashtag on Saturday, September 1 at 11 am EDT:


We hope all our Shadowhunter friends will join along!!!
Help us send love to Godfrey Gao!!!

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

365 Days of TMI: Day 358 Shadows and Bones

Although it's a very rainy day where I am thanks to Tropical Storm Isaac, there's a bright moment for me and for fans thanks to Sony Pictures. They released a new picture on the set.

Here's the picture caption from The Mortal Instruments Facebook page: "Director Harald Zwart (left) and director of photography Geir Andreassen (right) bring the City of Bones to life on set! More production stills of the Mortal Instruments talent and crew to come!"

Don't you just love all the creepy skulls!?? Just seeing bones scattered about reminds me of just how much closer we are, day by day, to seeing the movie brought to life on the big screen. The TMI Facebook page also has a poll of who you'd like most brought to life in the movie. Jace is in the lead currently. Which leads me to today's theme for 365. Clary sees Jace, Alec and Isabelle for the first time at the Pandemonium Club when her curiosity gets the best of her.

At first, when Clary enters what seems to be a utility room, she sees nothing, but all that changes in an instant.

It was as if they sprung into existence between one blink of her eyes and the next. There was the girl in her long white dress, her black hair hanging down her back like damp seaweed. The two boys were with her -- the tall one with black hair like hers, and the smaller, fair one, whose hair gleamed like brass in the dim light coming through the windows high above."

The trio of Shadowhunters were interrogating the blue haired boy that Clary and Simon followed into the club. Of course, Clary has no clue what is going on. Here's one of my fave lines from the chapter from Jace:

"Demons," drawled the blond boy, tracing the word in the air with his finger. "Religiously defined as hell's denizens, the servants of Satan, but understood here, for the purposes of the Clave, to be any malevolent spirit whose origin is outside our own home dimension--"

Clary watches Jace and thinks he's utterly insane and primal, describing him like the lions she'd watched on the Discovery Channel, "they way the big cats would raise their heads and sniff the air for prey". And later, after the blue haired demon is revealed she notices his "wide spaced, light-colored eyes, and that tawny gold hair.

Jace seems mesmerized by her as well, realizing there is no way a normal mundane would be able to witness what just happened.

"Have you had dealings with demons, little girl? Walked with warlocks, talked with the Night Children? Have you-"

"My name is not 'little girl'," Clary interrupted. "And I have no idea what you're talking about."

Clary did, however, have a feeling that her words might not be so true, and that is the beginning of the awakening of a whole new world for Clary. Of course, there was no one to talk to about what she'd seen. Simon couldn't understand it, and if she couldn't talk to him, there was no one else who'd get it.

Come back for snippets, movie news and more tomorrow!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

On The Sensor: TMI Set Day 8

On the Sensor
TMI Set Day 8

Greetings fellow Nephilim! and Downworlders too! Things have been quiet on the set lately. The cast and crew have been filming in Hamilton which is quite far away from Toronto so the CoB peeps have been flying under the radar lately. Luckily for me Hamilton actually is not that far away from me! So I couldn't let the opportunity pass to check out the set on day 8 of filming when it might as well have been on my doorstep! 

I hopped in my car, snacks piled up on my passenger seat and headed toward ‘The Hammer’ and got there in no time, 20 minutes maybe. I parked my car on the same street as all the trailers and to my luck there was still 28 minutes in the meter Saweet!! I dropped in two quarters giving me an hour and snapped a few shots of the trailers. 

And that’s when I saw this!

Could this be the vamp motorcycle Jace and Clary ride away on from the roof of the Hotel Dumort? There’s no guarantee that it is but I’d like to think otherwise. 

I walked over to the trailers and trucks, snapped another shot and spoke to a very friendly crew member who told me exactly which building they were filming in (a fact I already knew but I was grateful for his willingness to help regardless) he told me to cut through the parking lot so that I wouldn’t have to walk around the whole block and I slipped in between a few cars and grabbed a couple of shots of the old hotel. Perfect Hotel Dumort if you ask me, complete with broken windows and everything!

I rounded the corner and saw a handful of crew members moving cords and set elements around outside of the building so I took a seat on a large rock and waited. This is when I met a TMI fan who was eagerly waiting with her CoB book in hand. She eventually came over and sat with me on the rock and that’s when it happened!

I looked up and casually strolling out of the building and through the parking lot was RObert Sheehan! I sucked in a loud breath and jumped to my feet. He looked back at me and I started to run toward him. He put his arms out to stop me and called out, “Jesus! Don’t run, you’re pregnant! Very pregnant!” he moved back toward me and I asked him if I could quickly take a pic with him. He said, “Sure, quickly.” @1|2bloodprincss took the pic for me, thx! :)

As he signed her book I asked him if he had just become a vampire because of the his grey toned skin, red rimmed eyes and dried blood on his chest. He touched his shirt and   said, “…it looks that way doesn’t it, based on all this” he gestured to his clothes and the scenery around him. I then made a joke that I will not repeat and he laughed and said I was mean but that it was his kind of joke. I then snapped a shot for @1|2bloodprincss and Rob went on his way. As we walked back to the large rock to sit. I shouted, “Thank you!” and he gave a thumbs up and waved calling out, “No problem and congrats by the way!” he’s so nice! I wish the pic of us showed my belly so that later on I can show my daughter and let her know that while she was busy kicking me in my ribs I was taking a picture with Robert Sheehan!! Lol

We sat on the rock for a while longer and out came Jamie, Kevin and Jemima for a quick smoke break. We headed over to the group and I asked for a picture which I knew they’d say no to, we were right on set! Instead each one signed their autographs for the two of us and were very friendly. Kevin sat on the steps of the hotel, Jemima popped a few treats into her mouth and had a beautiful smile and Jamie stood quietly adjacent to them. There was a brief moment of awkwardness as they looked at my large belly and didn’t know what to do with their cigarettes. They apologized as they tried to sign my paper and I assured them it was was fine. All of them were very nice and willing to take a few moments away from their short break for us and I was very grateful.

I went back over to the rock, the cast went inside and Lily’s stunt double came out and walked through the parking lot with a crew member, probably going to her trailer. Meanwhile I noticed in front of me two crew members had three large blades set in front of them and it seemed like they were sharpening them, maybe polishing them is more accurate. Could these be Seraph Blades? I think so considering there were three of them and three shadowhunters in the building. 

I waited around for another 20 minutes or so and realized not much was happening so I decided to call it a short day and headed back to my car—and just in time I might add! The parking police guy was two cars away from mine and as I hurried to my car I saw that my meter had run out, phew! Close call! The ticket would have totally been worth it though! 

Until next time my TMI friends!! And next time will be real soon ;)

365 Days of TMI: Day 359 - Meet the Shadowhunters - Isabelle

As we started yesterday, Clary Fray and her friend went to the Pandemonium Club to hang out for the evening. Clary noticed a blue haired boy who sparked her interest. She watched him walk across the club through a sea of sweaty teen bodies to a girl in a white  dress.

<Isabelle is described as "gorgeous, the kind of girl Clary would like to draw--tall and ribbon-slim, with a long spill of black hair. She wore a red pendant around her throat, which "pulsed under the lights of the dance floor like a separate, disembodied heart."

Through the darkness, smoke, and artificial fog, her pale dress shone out like a beacon.

The blue haired demon described her energy as pulsing "from her like blood from an open wound". She was beautiful with a smile of "poisonous water".

In the faint light she looked half transparent, bleached of color, wrapped in white like an angel.

But there was something that both the blue haired boy and Clary was not aware of immediately. Isabelle was lethal.

She moved with lightning swiftness, striking out at him with her open hand, a blow to his chest that would have sent him down gasping if he'd been a human being. He staggered back, and now there was something in her hand, a coiling whip that glinted gold as she brought it down, curling around his ankles, jerking him off his feet. He hit the ground, writhing, the hated metal biting deep into his skin. She laughed, standing over him, and dizzily he thought that he should have known. No human girl would wear a dress like the one Isabelle wore. She'd worn it to cover her skin--all of her skin. Isabelle yanked hard on the whip, securing it. Her smile glittered like poisonous water. "He's all yours, boys."

Tomorrow, we'll go in depth with the first moment Clary interacts with Jace.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

'Clockwork Princess' "Willish" Snippet

A fan posted a message to Cassandra Clare on Tumblr today stating that Cassie was one of the few authors that actually responds to and interacts with fans. Since Cassie found this to be sweet, she decided to grace us with this lovely "Willish" 'Clockwork Princess' snippet:

"Will began to move toward the door to join Charlotte. Halfway there, he turned back, and crossed the room to Tessa: “Please,” he said, “while I am with him, would you do something for me?”
Tessa looked up and swallowed. He was too close, too close: all the lines, shapes, angles of Will filled her field of vision as the sound of his voice filled her ears. “Yes, certainly,” she said. “What is it?”

Every time that I read a snippet from ‘Clockwork Princess’ something happens deep inside me. So many emotions rise and I fall more and more in love with these characters. 

'Clockwork Princess' will be in stores on March 19th, 2013


365 Days of TMI: Day 360 Come Full Circle

As hard as her mother tried to protect her from the truth, Clarissa Fray walked straight into her fate when she stepped into the Pandemonium Club and had her very first encounter with the Shadowhunter world.

When you are a mom, the most important responsibility you have is keeping your child safe from all harm. When they are little, the dangers involve falling, choking, or maybe burning themselves. As a child gets older, the injuries become emotional: mean girls, bullies on the school bus, the first boy who breaks your heart. Jocelyn had to do much more than that. She successfully managed to hide the whole Shadowhunder world from her daughter. When Clary first walked into the club, she noticed a boy who was normal, but maybe just a little peculiar.

The boy's wide eyes were way too bright a green, Clary noticed: the color of antifreeze, spring grass.

When she follows the path of the blue haired boy, she sees him head to a beautiful girl who lures him into a back room. The couple are followed by two guys, neither of which Simon sees when Clary points them out to him. Clearly, you would feel crazy if you saw something that others couldn't. How many times do you think Clary saw something just out of the corner of her eye that just didn't seem right? Following her instinct that night, walking into that room that said NO ADMITTANCE, was like opening the door to Wonderland. There were strange, beautiful and even frightening things just beyond the twist of the knob. It was something that her mother feared she'd encounter and what she'd given up her former life for so she could protect her child.

Tomorrow we take a look at what's behind that door.

Monday, August 27, 2012


Today one of our Toronto Spotters, Kelly (@_nightassassin) had an exciting day finding the TMI movie set on day six of filming. She braved the rain and an early morning wake up call to get a glimpse of the cast and crew and found herself at Pandemonium. Check it out!

Nephilims and Downworlders

Wow. Today has been a dream come true for me. #TMI is my life and I got the opportunity to go down to the set and get pics and autographs. To start, my name’s Kelly Henderson (@_NightAssassin) and my twin is Jessie (@MercenaryMaddox). We woke at 5:30am to reach the set at 8:00am via car/train. My friends, Chris, who sleep over and Hunter, who met us at the train station, joined us for the trip. We arrived in Toronto and not too long after did we meet up with two other #TMIFans: @Haley_Davies @Ashley_Fodor. Together we walked up University Street and took a couple pictures with the thought that the set would be at the “institute”. Almost there I spotted a CBC News car and decided to ask if the girl knew where the set was. The Reporter didn’t know what TMI was, so I explained as briefly as possible. She then said she noticed trucks and trailer by -----. The six of us were off again, heading back down University Street.

Taking side roads I was feeling down like I was failing. We had been searching for almost 2 ½ hours and hadn’t found anything. Chris and I walked ahead of the group while everyone else got stuck at the lights. Then I saw them: pylons and white trailers! Chris and I tried screaming across the traffic noise at my friends saying we may have found the set but they couldn’t hear us, so Chris stared miming “pylons”. What an epic fail that was. When the light turned green my twin ran across the street, grabbed my hand and we darter. The first fans on the set and we screamed, looking for the cast. A crew worker told us to quiet down and Hunter, Chris, Ashley, and Haley caught up. The crew worker then signed our City of Bones Books and had a picture with us! Then, all there was to do was wait.

Only minutes passed before I clutched CoB to my chest and stared at Robert “Simon” Sheehan walking down the street. I waved, as did my friends. He waved back, said “hi”, saw our books then said “soon”. Then he disappeared into his trailer. My breath cut when my sister jumped up and whispered to a passing guy with his hood up “Alec?” The guy looked up and smiled “yea?” It was Kevin “Alec” Zegers! He signed all of our books then we asked for a photo with him. My sister and I hugged him and smiled, when the guy-with-the-sideburns said no pictures. Kevin left to his trailer. I was super excited now!

My hands trembled when Robert walked back out of his trailer dressed for the Pandemonium Scene. He smiled and waved, saying “Be back in 5”. We all smiled and gathered in a circle, constantly watching the streets for other cast members, the crew member – my crew dude as I called him – watching us.
Time seemed to pass so slowly, waiting for Robert to return to us. 30 minutes later he came and smiled, signing all our books. When he signed Haley’s book she was shaking so hard he asked “are you alright?” and she almost fainted. He was so kind!

Kevin and Robert walked back and forth between the Pandemonium Set and their trailers, each time smiling at us, or waving and a few times stopping to give us yet another hug. Then Ashley spotted Jemima “Isabelle” West walking up the street under an umbrella. The rain was coming down on and off, so we were huddled under umbrella’s to get the view of the sidewalk. She smiled at us, but went to her trailer. I was determined to get her autograph. She came and left, one time even walking back with Kevin. They were so cute! Brother and sister like! Then she took a break and signed our books! I think she was nervous because she put a hole in mine and Ashley’s book title page. But we didn’t care! It was Jemima! I asked her “are you on twitter?” and she said “I don’t do well on social sites, no.” There you have it!

We were soon alone again when two other #TMIFans showed up who had stalked the set last Tuesday! Kevin and Robert continued walking back and forth between trailers and we even saw Jemima walk back a few times. It was great to have her smile constantly at us. She’s really pretty and I love her accent! Then my twin spotted Jamie “Jace” Campbell Bower switch from one trailer to another. We were on our feet in a second, immediately seeing Lily “Clary” Collin’s walk to her trailer! I was like OMG! The 8 of us watched. They didn’t come back out so my twin and I grabbed an umbrella and stood in front of Jamie’s trailer door for a long time in the pouring rain. Haley joined me and my twin in the rain when Kevin walked by and smiled. Haley turned and yelled at him “You’re hot!” my twin then yelled “He knows that!” and Kevin smirked, glancing back at us. I was beat red.
The guy-with-the-sideburns walked passed us, when Haley left me and my twin, and the guy told Jamie and Lily 10 minutes till filming. We bite our lips, my hands tightening around the City of Bones. What felt like hours passed before the guy-with-the-sideburns came back with two umbrella’s and knocked on Jamie’s door. Jessie asked “Can Jamie sign my sister’s book?” he said “no time”. We scowled and when Jamie opened the door, I opened my book and held out a pen. He smiled and said “hey, I got to be quick” in his amazing British accent. I then asked “Will there be a Camelot season 2?” he said “No, the show got cancelled. Nice to meet some fans.” I blushed. He was fucking HAWT in his shadowhunting gear! We moved with Jamie and guy-with-the-sideburns to Lily’s trailer where we were hoping to get the same reaction. Lily stepped out, looking adorable, smiled at my twin and me and said “hi”. I offered my book, but the guy-with-the-sideburns ushered her into a car. I was sad. No lily signature.

Jessie and I went back to the group, talked to Chris and Hunter, then decided upon going to the Pandemonium Set. We walked down the streets, the rain finally letting up, and saw the Set. A massive wave of extra’s dressed in black leather walked by us. I was in awe and so very tempted to join the group when I saw Jamie standing outside the entrance to the “Pandemonium Club”. He was in full shadowhunting gear and looking HAWT! Jessie, Chris, Hunter and I walked by him and stopped. I stood beside Jamie for literally 5 minutes before he went inside. My heart was pounding!

It may have been only 2:00pm, but after a difficult and wet start we were ready to go home. All of us were running on a 3-4 hour sleep. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of today. I received autographs from Jamie, Robert, Kevin, Jemima, and crew-dude, and I was hugged by Kevin, crew-dude and Robert! Most Epic Day Ever! 

365 Days of TMI: Day 361 - Pandemonium Club

Today we got our first peek of the Pandemonium Club.
Here's some snippets from City of Bones with some descriptions of the place where Simon and Clary go to hang out and ultimately meet the Shadowhunters.
"Inside, the club was full of dry-ice smoke. Colored lights played over the dance floor, turning it into a multicolored fairyland of blues and acid greens, hot pinks and golds."
"They were dancing, or what passed for it -- a lot of swaying back and forth with occasional lunges toward the floor as if one of them had dropped a contact lens -- in a space between a group of teenage boys in metallic corsets, and a young Asian couple who were making out passionately, their colored hair extensions tangled together like vines. A boy with a lip piercing and a teddy bear backpack was handing out free tablets of herbal ecstasy, his parachute pants flapping in the breeze from the wind machine. Clary wasn't paying much attention to their immediate surroundings -- her eyes were on the blue-haired boy who'd talked his way into the club. He was prowling through the crowd as if he were looking for something. There was something about the way he moved that reminded her of something . . ."

"Clary knew perfectly well that he came to Pandemonium with her only because she liked it, that he thought it was boring. She wasn't even sure why it was that she liked it -- the clothes, the music made it like a dream, someone else's life, not her boring real life at all."
Word is that fans saw the blue-haired demon on the set today. Although there weren't many pictures circulating on the set, I thought I'd share a few from around the web.
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Mehek S@whatthemehek7m
This one time at band camp, drew a heart in my book.

Cassie Clare shares the details on evening with the Shadowhunters of TMI

We've been dying to know exactly what went on during her trip to Toronto on August 16th. Well, now she has. Take a look at what she posted to Tumblr.

“Can you tell us about meeting the cast?
Um, sure!
I went up to Toronto on my way to Europe (long story) right before they started filming to look at sets and see props and say hi to people. The movie people I know best are not the cast, but the producers, like Robert from Constantin, and Eric from Sony, and Jessica, the screenwriter. (Who you can follow at — she often tweets in Spanish which is good for my Spanish-speaking readers.)
I saw sets and props and Jocelyn’s paintings and other cool things I am not allowed to talk about because I got one of those letters that you have to sign that says you won’t talk about anything you see or they will bury you in a parking lot in Burbank.
The actors were doing fight training most of the day anyway. Kevin came by to show us they’d dyed his hair black and Jemima came by to show the runes they’d painted on her. The Voyance rune was partway up her wrist so I grabbed her hand and explained how the Voyance rune goes on the back of your dominant hand, whichever one you use to hold weapons. Jemima was patient and did not hit me for manhandling her.
I mostly got to talk to the cast at dinner because the producers were being magnanimous and said, “Cassie, sit with your Shadowhunters.” It was basically all Shadowhunters because it was those members of the cast that needed to be there for fight training (minus Valentine but either Jonathan Rhys Meyers comes with built in fight training or he’s doing it later. :)
The cast seemed a bunch of sweet kind funny people who had obviously developed a good rapport. Lily showed me the terrifying bruises she is covered with from her fight training. They told me Jamie can do a somersault in midair and stick the landing (so I suppose there’s always the Olympics in his future.) We discussed Lily’s hair color (I like it. I never thought of Clary as having orange-red hair, but more dark red and fiery.)
I had my phone out so Robert asked me if I had tweeted about dinner. I was still terrified of the Burbank parking lot so I held my hands up and said “Not a word.” He got an evil smile and said, “Why don’t you?” so I tweeted that I was having dinner with Jemima, Kevin, Aidan, Lily, and Jamie.
I flipped my phone over, waited five minutes, flipped it back over and was like, “Well… 400 or so mentions, all about you guys.” Then they all started leaning over the table because everyone was curious. I read as many of your guys’ tweets aloud as I could except NOT THE PORNOGRAPHIC ONES because yikes.
Me: Um, Kevin, someone wants to know if you are as happy looking in the mirror every morning as they are looking at your face.
Aidan: Tell them for me that he is.
Me: Lily, someone really loves you, and also your hair, and also Jamie.
Jamie: I am after hair?
Me: Someone would like you to know you are a very good-looking cast.
Aidan: It’s true, everyone is very good-looking. I mean, not me. Everyone else!
Me: Someone wants to know what your Shadowhunter gear looks like.
Kevin: My pants are very tight. I put on tight pants today, went into the fight training room, six guys punched me, and then I threw up.
Me: I am…sorry about that. Also everyone wants to know where Robbie and Godfrey are.
Kevin then asked the “Yeah, where’s my boyfriend?” question and Lily and Jamie opined that Robbie was great and had done an amazing audition, and one of them opined that he wasn’t bad-looking either but I will not say which one.
Jemima was also very pleased she had gotten Izzy’s whip to crack on the first try. She is super sweet and speaks perfect French (as I think does Kevin, or he does an amazing job of pretending) so if you’re wondering if someone tweeting is really Jemima you can always test her French. :)
I’ll be back on set in September and I am looking forward to seeing my Shadowhunters again as well as Simon and Magnus. It is a lovely weird experience having dinner with what feels like your own characters. Not many people get to have it so I feel very lucky and I am glad I brought my phone because it was like bringing a piece of you all with me. :)

Gabriel Yared to score 'City of Bones' film

Academy Award winning composer Gabriel Yared will be scoring the music for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, according to internationally bestselling author Cassandra Clare.
According to IMDb, Gabriel Yared stopped his law studies at the age of 20 to work as a professional music composer. He studied with Henri Dutilleux and Maurice Ohana. He worked as a composer, orchestrator or producer for such singers as Françoise Hardy, Charles Aznavour, Gilbert Bécaud and Mireille Mathieu. He made his film debut in 1980 with the score for Jean-Luc Godard's "Every Man for Himself".
He has since scored a huge list of movies for such major directors as Jean-Jacques Beineix, Robert Altman and Jean-Jacques Annaud. He won an Academy Award for Anthony Minghella's "The English Patient" score and has been nominated for two others ("Cold Mountain" and "The Talented Mr. Ripley"). He also composes ballets for Carolyn Carlson and Roland Petit. He is the founder and director of the Pléiade Academy, which welcomes and supports talented young composers in the production and promotion of their works.
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

READ THIS: Review of 'Eternal Shadows' by Kate Martin

Embrace your past and find your future.

Vampires aren't supposed to be real, and Kassandra is not supposed to be one of them. But now, world leaders, including her father, are being replaced--by vampires. And one day shy of her eighteenth birthday, she discovers she has fangs, a hunger for blood, and a body with abilities she can't control.

Eternal Shadows follows Kassandra Thomas as she is taught the ropes of her new life by the 500-year old Irish vampire who changed her, Rhys O'Shea. Kass finds out that the vampire lore she saw in movies was just not quite right. The sun won't kill you, but it will make you extremely thirsty. Staking a vampire doesn't work, nor does silver. Rhys, the beloved "son" of the leader of a vampire family, feels responsible to teach her and then protect her from a threat that wants to expose the existence of vampires to the human race. Kass comes to depend on Rhys and even starts to have strange dreams about him from a mysterious past. The feelings she has for him become stronger as all the pieces of this beautiful novel starts to come together.

Kate Martin, the author of Eternal Shadows, wanted to write a book that tackled something she hadn't seen in YA books. " I wanted this story to be different, while still appealing to the audience who was gobbling these types of books up. I had just started it when Twilight hit big and all the other vampire stories starting following suit. Even before that--and more so after--all the books were "human girl falls in love with vampire boy." I wanted to explore what happened if they were both vampires, and turning Kass right away made her relateable (since vampires can think quite differently from humans) and set her apart from all those other human characters."

What I loved most of this book is who Kassandra is always so curious about her new world. There are things she doesn't understand: why she has to drink human blood from her feeder Warren, why she has to train in physical combat with an aggressive vampire Cade, and why there are vampires randomly attacking her when she goes out in public. On top of all that, she wants to know why she is becoming more and more attracted to Rhys. She wants a normal life, but she's forced to adapt and grow as a new vampire when the species is on the verge of war.

I'm so excited to have had the opportunity to read Kate Martin's book and even more excited that she has a sequel, Darkest Whispers, in the works. She promises the new book to be more action packed and have a few new characters to look forward to meeting.

Lastly, I'm pleased to announce the winners of the Eternal Shadows signed bookmarks: @BYEconnerslover, @anlosw, @heyjuuhc, @neji_sorariku, @naneoliveira, and @infernalglitter. Congrats to the winners! Make sure to follow @katewmartin on Twitter for more updates on the upcoming sequel!

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Shadowhunter Tweets o' the Week

Here's our favorite Shadowhunter tweets from August 19 - 26th 2012:

Ivette ‏@Ivy_Twihard
It's time... IT'S MONDAY AUGUST 20! #TMIsetDay1 #happydance#TMIfandomisthebest @TMImovie @TMIexaminer @TMI_Institute@TMI_Source @TMI_Info

winchestah ‏@her0ndales

Lena Lightwood-Lewis ‏@WillyHerondale
I need someone to hold me. I think I'm dying because of feels

 eyy.enn.dee.aii.eee♥ ‏@scarletdreams28
Show conventions. TMI movie filming. Activate major fangirling. Lolololol.

rafas . ‏@pleasebitchrafa
ÓTIMO DIA hj começam as filmagens de TMI :DDDD OMGGGGGGG ~)o) *dance*

was WhereRUNow_ :) ‏@LivingforWords
You know what... someone should do a parody of Beyonce's 'run the world' to 'burn the world'

Sandra ♥ ‏@Shadowhunting
hxjdidjdkdjdidkjdjc I see some trailers in front of the cemetery!!"

carstairs. ‏@JUDTEETH

City Of Bones Movie♥ ‏@Elena_XF
*hugs and kisses all Shadowhunters out there* It's our day guys :D#TMIsetDay1

Shadowhunter ‏@Oh_So_Swiftie
So ridiculously,crazily,asdfghjkl-ly excited because ITS #TMIMOVIE'S 1ST DAY FILMING! Yes I will be like this for, FOREVER!!! :D#TMISetDay1

TMInstruments ‏@TMInstruments
I'm not picking favourites or anything, and I love all of the cast equally... *cough but then came Rob Sheehan cough*

egina ‏@tmiordie
"I wish they fire Jamie and hire Alex in the next movie" BITCH DONT SAY THAT EVER AGAIN, ILL CUT YOUR TITS

Cassandra Clare ‏@cassieclare
It's scripted, but as I understand theres room for improv & also scripts change constantly. They change during shooting. @KataraAlchemist

Cassandra Clare ‏@cassieclare
Robert Sheehan is Robbie because Robert is one of the producers and it's too confusing otherwise. @sleeping_suun

Cassandra Clare ‏@cassieclare
RT @5a5a5am: " Are you going to have a cameo?" I do not want one! i would rather they used my cat for chairman meow.

Roro ‏@Rorochan92
I love ALL the City of Bones' cast icons here on Twitter! <3 Lots of Robbie, Lily, Jamie... #TMIsetday3 #TMIWishIWasInTO

Anjali B ♥ ‏@AnjaliLightwood
All the hot-Irish are in Toronto. #TMIWishIWasInTO

Cassandra Clare ‏@cassieclare
Is it okay if your husband makes fun of your Imaginary Boyfriends? Mine does. @LadyHawkins

Tiffany ‏@VampLuv83
I'm sure they're practicing for #CoB, if they wanted to really kiss, it wouldn't be on set. Nonetheless, still REALLY cute! @TMI_Institute

loѕт ѕerapн вladeѕ ‏@SoulTree1990
Don't even... I'm about ready to jump on a plane and get myself there ASAP RT “@TMI_Institute: #TMIWishIWasInTO like right now...just sayin”

AngstRiddenTeenager ‏@herondaled
Dear TMI cast, I love you and you're flawless is every way. But hurry up with the filming? Love, a random fangirl.

eyy.enn.dee.aii.eee♥ ‏@scarletdreams28
OHMYGOD. Valentine's using juju. He was in UK one moment then Toronto the next! Lmaoo #TMISetDay3

Michelle M Herondale ‏@MichelleMags
Me: OMG THAT'S ROBERT!? *runs up to him* hi um can we have ur autograph? Robert: sure, LOVE Me: TY! R: u're welcome, LOVE#TMISetDay5

Jemima West ‏@Jemima_West
It was lovely to meet some of you yesterday. Sorry to anyone i missed x

Jemima West ‏@Jemima_West
@TMI_Institute it is a lot of fun. x

TMI News en Español ‏@TMIspanishnews
I have to confess it: Every time I see someone talking about@GodfreyGao, I lose my panties O.o

City Of Bones Movie♥ ‏@Elena_XF
Oh Kevin, your whole body is making me swoon but your ass is making me trip on! #NiceAssKevin

Mariae Montero ‏@neji_sorariku
I just love how the TMI fandom appreciates anything and everything that is TMI. From the make-up artists to the awesome side burns buy. :>

365 Days of TMI: Day 362 - Simon at Pandemonium

We start the second week of filming on The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones set with news that they will shoot Pandemonium Club scenes in downtown Toronto. This scene is the starting point of the book, and we can only guess that it will be the start of the movie.

Clary Fray drags her best friend, Simon Lewis, down to the all-ages club where we get our first description of this adorkable teen boy.

Simon, as always, stuck out at the club like a sore thumb, in jeans and an old T-shirt that said MADE IN BROOKLYN across the shirt. His freshly scrubbed hair was dark brown instead of green or pink, and his glasses perched crookedly on the end of his nose. He looked less if he were contemplating the powers of darkness and more as if he were on his way to chess club.

Simon is the type of guy every girl wants to have on their side: he's loyal, sweet, funny and always there for you. Even though Clary doesn't realize how much Simon cares for her, she loves her best friend to pieces and would do anything for him.

TMI week 2 starts with Pandemonium

Executive producer Martin Moskowicz confirmed this morning that the second week of filming on the set of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones will begin with Pandemonium.

We will hopefully get to see our first look at the blue haired demon roaming the streets of downtown Toronto! Moskowicz has stated that will be staying true to the book, so this will be that fateful moment when Clary first meets Jace, Alec and Simon.

Personally, I can't wait to see Isabelle toy with the demon a bit. What are you excited to see? Share your thoughts below!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

365 Days of TMI: Day 363 Alec at Taki's

I thought today since we are showing our love for Kevin Zegers we would continue with a little snippet from the chapter "Magnus Bane"  to round out the day. It's a description of Alec as Clary is listening to him tell a story while at Taki's with Jace and Izzy.
She was looking at Alec instead, watching him as he talked to Jace. There was a kinetic, almost feverish energy to him that hadn't been there before. Something about Jace sharpened him, brought him into focus. If she were going to draw them together, she thought, she would make Jace a little blurry, while Alec stood out, all sharp, clear planes and angles.
This is the moment where Clary realizes just how much Alec cares for Jace, more than just their Parabatai connection. She thinks back to the moment at Java Jones when Jace said, "I was laughing at you because declarations of love amuse me, especially when unrequited." We've all had that moment. You crush on that one guy or girl who clearly doesn't feel the same. You try to be exciting, make them interested in you, and yet it is not enough. They may not even know you exist. No matter if it happened to you yesterday or perhaps 20 years ago, the feelings of rejection, loss, and frustration are still the same. But as we see in the series, the right girl (or guy in this instance) comes along and erases all that hurt and pain. We see it with Alec, Simon and Jocelyn. They all loved someone who was not really the right one for them. It takes truly knowing yourself and discovering what you really feel before you can be happy. See you tomorrow for Day 362.

TMI Set Day 5 report from Sandra (@Shadowhunting)

This big week of filming on the TMI set was also huge for our spotter Sandra (@Shadowhunting). Here's what she had to say about her last day on set!

#TMISetDay5 was quite a way to finish my TMI set. I still can’t believe it; I’m never going to get over how wonderful my week has been.

Originally, my week was supposed to end on the Wednesday but by chance, it did not and quite frankly, this day was one of the best. Or…ah! I can’t even pick which day was the best. I’ve lived such a beautiful experience, one that I will never forget. It’s engraved in my heart forever and nothing could ever take it away from me. Wow, I’m getting very emotional right now. I’ve been so blessed this past week.

Our day started a little later than usual because of my visit to Simon and Schuster but that didn’t bother me, not at all. 12:30pm, I was standing in their Canadian offices with wide eyes, taking in the sight of this place. There were so many books everywhere; it was such an amazing environment and I fell in love with it immediately. I want to work there so badly! It was such an honor to be invited to their offices. They were so kind and so enthusiastic about my experience, such big TMI fans and it was exciting to share everything with them! I love talking to people who are as thrilled about this series as I am. I feel like there’s this awesome connection and we just get each other. I’m so thankful for this chance to visit the publishing house of my beloved series. Actually, of a lot of my beloved series, it was insane! It was the perfect start to my last day in Toronto!

Getting to the set was rather easy today. Thank God! When we got to Knox College (Can I just say, it looks like the perfect Institute, I love it!), we walked to the front, entering the front door as much as we could and it was obvious that the cast wasn’t going to come out from this side and so, we decided to go around and sit where the group of fans was sitting. I sat down while Sharon walked towards the trailers and that’s when we saw one of the crew members that we’d seen each time the cast was around. That meant one of them was close! So I walked to her and not 5 minutes later, Kevin emerged from the make-up trailer, putting on a sweater. I began walking towards him and asked for his autograph. There were no pictures allowed that day because if we were caught, they’d ask us to leave and quite honestly, I didn’t want to risk it. I wanted to stay as long as I possibly could. Kevin was in a rush but he signed Sharon and my book. Although he wasn’t in his Shadowhunter outfit, it did look like he had an injury on his face. I guess that means our Alec will be getting into a fight and coming out of it with some scratches on his face! Exciting! Time went by and we kept seeing Kevin walk by and back in front of us.

We saw Jamie in his trailer each time the crew knocked on his door and opened it, Rob showed up and signed some autographs, we saw Lily arrive from, what I’m guessing, was a scene at the Institute. She was dressed in her mundane self but clearly wearing Izzy’s clothes. It was gorgeous and less Clary-like but it was perfect anyway! She couldn’t really stop for anything because she is, in fact, the leading lady and she’s constantly working! I was hanging out with fellow fans, talking about various things, about our common interests as we patiently waited for Jamie to come out of his trailer or to see anyone else. Once he did come out, he was in a hurry but! But, but, but! He was kind enough to stop in front of us and tell us: "I'm really sorry. I've got to work but I'll be back shortly." He was so kind and there was no way I was going to leave until he came back! And yes, he was talking with his British accent and it was beautiful. To be honest, we knew it was going to be a while before Jamie came back but although there were a lot of moments without any action, we got a lot of excitement! We saw Lily come out in her Shadowhunter outfit and can I tell you how ridiculously gorgeous she looks? I would go on a rant about how flawless this woman is but it would simply never end.

Then, Rob came back (with his Made In Brooklyn T-Shirt! That’s our Simon!) And wait for it…I went to hug him! He signed a few autographs and the little group of fans I was with (@fleurdylys, @thatbluebox and ugh, I’m horrible with remembering, I apologize.) stayed behind because we already had an autograph but when they started getting hugs, I was like: “I want one too!” And that’s what I did. I got up, basically skipping in his direction and asked him for a hug. Robert Sheehan gives the best hugs on this whole entire planet, I must say. They were big bear hugs! When he began walking away, I was unsuccessful as to hide my fangirling. I tried, I did! But how can you stay calm after getting a hug from Rob Sheehan, right?

If that wasn’t enough, (I apologize if all these events aren’t exactly in order but they all happened and I’m freaking out just remembering them!) Lily came back from the set in her Shadowhunter gear and I couldn’t help myself! The words: “You look so pretty!” slipped out on their own but she was so cute! She responded me with an “Aw, thank you!” and I couldn’t stop grinning! Pretty isn’t even the word to describe her, I wish I would have said gorgeous or flawless but when you’re in the moment…your brain doesn’t let you think properly!

About 3 hours after Jamie left, perhaps a little more, we saw a van arriving and it was Jamie and Lily! Trying to stay calm and not jump on them the second they came out, we got up when he started walking towards us and directly coming to sign autographs! He mentioned that he was here because he promised he’d come back and was terribly sweet! I saw some amazing injuries on his arms (obviously make up) and I just can’t imagine what scene they were just filming! They’ve changed costumes twice during the day so I’m assuming they’re doing bits and pieces of different scenes. Anyway, back to the Jamie meeting. After he signed all the autographs, I found the courage to ask me for a hug but this question ended up to me way more awkward than I thought it would be! He answered me that he would but he was really sweaty which I responded with an: “it’s okay.” But unfortunately, that can be taken in more than one ways. Either: “It’s okay, hug me anyway.” Or “It’s okay, I understand.” I meant the latter but Jamie seemed to understand the first possibility. And oh my! He said: “No but really, I’m very sweaty.” And I responded the something along the same lines as my first answer. I felt truly bad but I do think that he eventually understood, I hope! Although I didn’t mind that sweaty hug, I understood perfectly why he didn’t want to. Ultimately, it was truly funny!

I spent a bit more time with the fans I met when @fleurdylys and I had to leave. We may have waited for a very long time but my last day was incredible and I couldn’t have asked for better. I hope everybody enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. And I hope to come back to Toronto before filming ends and give you more set updates. Thank you for having made my week even more exciting!

Here's some pics from around the web and on Tumblr of some of the highlights from the first week of filming!

Friday, August 24, 2012

365 days of TMI: Day 364 The Kiss

It's Day 5 from the set of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, and the big news of the day was what has been now called the Jamily kiss. Whether they are a couple or not, stars Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins had fans going bananas on Twitter and Tumblr. This made me think about Jace and Clary's first kiss and how excited we will all be when we see that sweet moment from the Midnight Flower scene.
It was at first almost as if he hadn't wanted to kiss her: His mouth was hard on hers, unyielding; then he put both arms around her and pulled her against him.
Since we have 364 days to wait, I guess this cute moment on set is what we will cling to from now until the release.
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