Saturday, May 24, 2014

Fan predictions for CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE

Well, lets hope not!!! It's time to talk fan predictions for City of Heavenly Fire!!!

First, lets share the #TMI videos from Walker Books UK and the British Nephilim with Cassie Clare...

I had several responses on predictions and I wanted to share some of my fave ones.... so here we go!

Nichelle says:
I hope this :
Sebastian turns good and hands over the mortal cup and like everyone will make out and get marries and malec will have a son named jace or will and everyone would be happy the end.How it probably will end: BOOM POW BLOOD DEATH BYE MALEC BYE SIZZY BYE CLACE NO HAPPIENESS DEAMONS EVERYWERE DEATH BLOOD SADNESS
And that is my description of CoHF

Dorothy says:
I don't blog myself but I love yours! Ok so my character predictions are:Alec and/or Simon will die.Jocelyn and Luke will get married but one or both might die.Clary will stop Sebastian.I don't know what will happen to Clary and Jace I really hope they end up with a happily ever after. I'm so excited/nervous/scared for the book I can't wait!!!!
Thanks for being awesome and in love with TMI too!D.S.

Ashia says:

Okay so, I've been thinking for a while about the deaths in cohf, and I'm practically convinced that Luke will die, along with a few other council members, and maybe Maia, because there's loads of theories of her betraying everyone to Sebastian so... *shrug* . What I'm scared of at the minute is the chance that malec could get split up, I think I would die if that happened, or if sizzy got split up! My days I couldn't handle it. If simon doesn't make it.. I will go to war.
That is all.
Ashia Xx 

Here's some predictions from Twitter fans!

What 6 characters do you think will die in CoHF?

The conclusion based on these answers and more I've received make me think that Robert and Sebastian are the two characters that fans most likely believe will die followed by Maia, Simon, Luke and Jocelyn.

I'll share my last minute predictions on Monday!!! Until then, keep calm and love Shadowhunters!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Shadowhunter Mission: Saying Goodbye to TMI (avi and hashtag challenge)

The countdown for The Mortal Instruments final installment, City of Heavenly Fire, is winding down to the final week, and we at The Mortal Institute are chomping our nails in frightened anticipation.
Thanks to one of our awesome followers, @_urebriviel_ on Twitter, there is something cool we’d like to do to promote to come as one in celebration and in loss of our beloved TMI characters.. We are asking all Shadowhunters to post this mourning rune on as your avatar on social media accounts on May 27th. You are welcome to decorate it with any words that remind you of TMI. We will be following several hashtags as we say goodbye to our beloved series, and we’ll be doing our own: #AveAtqueValeTMI. 

Make sure to join us!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Walker Books, Cassie Clare hosts #TMIParty on Twitter

Are you as excited for the sixth and final installment of The Mortal Instruments as we are? Like us, we bet you can't wait! 

We have some exciting news for you!!! Are you ready?????? We are inviting you to an amazing event!!!!

To celebrate the release of City of Heavenly Fire, we are inviting you to join Walker Books and Cassie Clare for their Twitter #TMIParty On Saturday, 24th May from 7pm till' late (That's 2 pm EASTERN) we will be staging an online tweet along to The Mortal InstrumentsCity of Bones whilst releasing exclusive Cassie Clare videos, exciting new content, rune-reading, Shadowhunter nail & make-up tutorials and amazing comps

...and we want you to join us!

You can stage your very own #TMIParty while you follow along with us!
- Invite your BFF, a group of pals or have a pampering evening in
- Prep your perfect snack with our exclusive TMI recipe cards
- Press play on City of Bones *swoons over Jamie Campbell Bower*
- Keep an eye out for exclusive Cassie Clare content, comps, rune-themed treats
Keep Tweeting: be part of the worldwide TMI Twittersphere

Follow the fun using the #TMIPARTY hashtag - 24th May / 7pm till late!

Stay here at The Mortal Institute and on Twitter at @TMI_Institute for all the details as they come!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

First look at Simon and Maia, plus inside cover art for 'City of Heavenly Fire'

Cassie Clare revealed her newest secrets in this week's edition of #TMITuesday. This week we see the inside art for the City of Heavenly Fire jacket by artist Cliff Nielson. We also are getting a closer look at the art for Simon and Maia, along with some revealing quotes.

Anyone else the least bit freaked out by the imagery discussed in Simon's quote?

Maia sounds like either she is dying or someone she is holding onto is dying. What are your thoughts? Could it be Jordan or possibly someone else?

Simon just gave me a case of the major feels!! He loves Izzy, and it sounds like he's having some major heart-to-heart scenes in the book with her.

Also, here's a look at the earlier reveals Cassie has shared so far for #TMITuesday.

April 15th:

April 22nd:

April 29th:

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