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The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones has completed filming and is set to premiere on the big screen (including IMAX) on August 21, 2013 in the U.S. and August 23 worldwide!

The author of The Mortal Instruments, Cassandra Clare (@cassieclare), and Sony Pictures via their @MortalMovie Twitter account. give official updates regarding upcoming TMI movie. As a fansite, we receive regular updates via Sony when important news concerning the film is released.
So, dear readers, check back regularly to find out more news regarding the upcoming TMI movie!

Movie synopsis:

Set in contemporary New York City, a seemingly ordinary teenager, Clary Fray (Lily Collins), discovers she is the descendant of a line of Shadowhunters, a secret cadre of young half-angel warriors locked in an ancient battle to protect our world from demons. After the disappearance of her mother (Lena Headey), Clary must join forces with a group of Shadowhunters, who introduce her to a dangerous alternate New York called Downworld, filled with demons, warlocks, vampires, werewolves and other deadly creatures. Based on the worldwide best-selling book series.

Directed by

Harald Zwart

Writing credits

Cassandra Clare (based on the novel by)
Jessica Postigo screenplay
I. Marlene King screenplay


Clary Fray (Played by Lily Collins)

Fifteen-year-old red-headed troublemaker, artist, and anime enthusiast. Her best (and only real) friend is a boy; her mother is a forgetful artist, and her playground is the streets and nightclubs of Manhattan. Until one night she sees a group of teenagers — who no one else can see — kill a boy. Who turns out to not really have been a boy at all...

Jace Wayland (played by Jamie Campbell Bower)

Fighting, hunting, and killing demons are the things Jace is good ad. Though the jagged
scars and black runic Marks on his body are a badge of honor as far as he's concerned, he keeps a lot to himself. Like the fact that his parents were murdered by Valentine's servants in front of him when he was ten years old. There are a lot of things Jace doesn't talk about — until he meets Clary, a mundane girl who can see him, maybe better than he can see himself. The connection that binds them will force Jace to confront the black secrets of a past he never wanted to remember...

Simon Lewis (played by Robert Sheehan)

Simon Lewis likes his life. He lives in a cool neighborhood in Brooklyn, plays drums in a band whose name changes every day, and hides a not-so-secret crush on his best friend. He's planning to tell her about it — some day. Some day comes all too quickly when Clary's mother disappears, sucking them both into the secret world of the Shadowhunters, plunging them into mortal danger, and, even more annoyingly, throwing them into the path of Jace, the blond Shadowhunter who seems to hold an irresistible fascination for Clary...

Alec Lightwood (played by Kevin Zegers)
Isabelle's brother and the eldest of the Lightwood children, Alec is a reluctant Shadowhunter who would rather read about demons than fight them. His fierce devotion to his adoptive brother, Jace, hides a secret Alec would die to protect.

Magnus Bane (played by Godfrey Gao)

Godfrey Gao is Magnus Bane
Magnus is the High Warlock of Brooklyn. He's three hundred years old, lives in a loft in Williamsburg, and likes to throw parties. Lots and lots of parties. He also likes to wear sequins, rainbow-colored leather pants, and cover himself with glitter. Lots and lots of glitter. Magnus seems like an unlikely savior, but when Clary finds his signature written inside her mind, she realizes he may hold the key to the mystery of her mother's whereabouts.

Isabelle Lightwood
The daughter of an ancient Shadowhunting family, Isabelle glitters like the silver-gold whip she uses to snare marauding demons. She's smart, she's deadly, she's beautiful, and she doesn't seem to like Clary much — a feeling that turns mutual once Isabelle takes a surprising interest in Simon...

Kevin Durand is Pangborn

Emil Pangborn
Emil Pangborn was a member of The Circle. He fought in the rebellion. He had a brother Anson Pangborn, who was also in the Circle. In City of Bones, he goes to interrogate Luke Garroway.

Robert Maillet is Blackwell

Samuel Blackwell
Samuel Blackwell was a member of The Circle. He was loyal to Valentine and fought in the Uprising. He fled from the Glass City after the Uprising failed and stayed with Valentine and Pangborn. He assisted Valentine in faking his death when he posed as Michael Wayland.


Valentine Morgenstern
Fifteen years ago, Valentine led a band of rebel Shadowhunters against an army of Downworlders and nearly destroyed everything it had taken the Nephilim a thousand years to build. When his army was defeated, he slaughtered his family and took his own life — or did he?

Jared Harris is Hodge Starkweather
Hodge Starkweather
Once one of Valentine's foot soldiers, a curse put on him by the Nephilim keeps Hodge trapped in the Lightwoods' home. Having tutored Alec and Isabelle since they were children, Hodge is like a member of the family — but Clary can't help but wondering what secrets about the past, including Jace's parents, he's trying to conceal.

Lena Headey is Jocelyn Fray
Jocelyn Fray
 Jocelyn Fray is the mother of Clary Fray. Jocelyn was Nephilim, but has turned her back on her life as a Shadowhunter, a daughter of the Fairchild family. She was married to Valentine and had Clary and Jonathan Christopher with him, although later ran away after she realized how evil her husband has gotten, believing their son, Jonathan, to be dead.

Aidan Turner is Luke Garroway

Luke Garroway
Luke is a jeans-and-flannel kind of guy, a friendly bookstore owner who, Clary's mother Jocelyn has always told her, is one of her oldest friends. Sometimes Clary wishes Luke was her dad — at least until Jocelyn goes missing and Luke mysteriously refuses to help Clary find her, when Clary starts to wonder exactly what she really does know about this "old friend of the family"...

CCH Pounder is Madame Dorothea

Madame Dorothea

She’s Clary’s downstairs neighbor and a “witch” — the kind with crystal balls and Tarot cards. Her secret is that none of that magic is at all real: it’s a cover for the powerful position she actually does hold in the secret society of Downworlders.


Brother Jeremiah

The Silent Brothers are an elite group of Shadowhunters dedicated to strengthening their minds through the power of runes. As such, Brother Jeremiah has mutilated his body - removed his eyes, sewn his mouth shut and covered his body with runes.

Produced by
Martin Moszkowicz .... executive producer

Dylan Sellers .... executive producer

Don Carmody... producer 

Hartley Gorenstein .... line producer

Robert Kulzer .... producer

Michael Lynne .... producer

Robert Shaye .... producer

Casting by

Stephanie Corsalini

Production Design by

François Séguin

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

Marty Eli Schwartz .... first assistant director

Other crew

Deborah Harpur .... production resources

Jonathan Matthews .... location manager

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  1. Lily Collins & Jamie Campbell is my favorite. All the character is good.


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