Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One Ring to Rule them All: CoLS Chapter Hunt begins tomorrow

See this ring over to the right? That's the Herondale ring, and THAT, my friends, will be the most coveted prize (I bet someone will say My Precious!) in Cassie Clare's City of Lost Souls Chapter Hunt, which begins tomorrow!

Here's the dets, according to Cassie's blog!

The City of Lost Souls chapter reveal starts tomorrow! Cassie will kick the contest off on Wednesday 3/28 with the first part of Chapter One: The Last Council.
Thursday 3/29:                  NovelNovice.com
Friday 3/20:                      EvesFanGarden.com
Monday 4/2:                     TheStorySiren.com
Tuesday 4/3:                     MundieMoms.com
Wednesday 4/4:                 MortalInstruments.com
Throughout the week we will reveal Chapter 1 of CITY OF LOST SOULS,

(The prologue has previously been revealed along with the cover back in January on USA TODAY.com)

This will be the ONLY way readers can get a sneek peek of CITY OF LOST SOULS before it goes on sale MAY 8TH! AT each blog stop we’ll be raffling off -

One of six VERY limited edition SHADOW HUNTER FAMILY RINGS

Cassie follows up with "The Herondale ring, pictured above, which I will be giving away, is the first prize. Then later I will take control of the rings and rule you from a flaming tower in a wasteland — but… FREE RINGS!"

Who all is excited about this!!????

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