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Mortal Instruments Fan of the Month: December

 Introducing: Lara Helmer

                                        Month of: DECEMBER

                                             Mini Showcase: 

Lara has written her own mini Bane Chronicle based on her city. She plans to write more mini Bane Chronicles because, as she states, "There's still at least 700 years of Magnus' life left uncovered, even after TMI, TID, and TBC." Below is an excerpt of her Bane Chronicle:

"At a time that turned out to be crucial to his future path, Magnus ended up in Tanzania, however, the question becomes: why was Magnus in Tanzania in the first place?"
Read more on her Wattpad HERE!  

Lara was in a cosplay parade for the Calgary Comic Con & Entertainment Expo. before there were any temporary tattoos out to use as runes, and before there was a Hot Topic Mortal Instruments line. Lena Headey was at the Expo., motivating Lara to specifically dress up as Jocelyn Fray. Plus, how many shadowhunters took photos with Star Wars bounty hunters, or Iron Man? View these awesome photos below! 

Lara had started a fan site for Jamie Campbell Bower! She is still working on it and says that "there's a bit of an associated twitter and tumblr. I'm struggling with getting it going because I want it to be a site that Jamie would be cool with and he has such strong views on judging others, gossip, paparazzi, privacy invasion etcetera.  It's a challenge to think of what I could put up that he hasn't put up himself that he would be happy to see online." -We're sure your fan site will make JCB happy! 

Check out her fan site Bower Power, also on TUMBLR and TWITTER!

Fan of the Month Fun Facts:
Name: Lara

Age: 32

From: Calgary, Canada

Favorite TMI Book: City of Glass (As happy an ending as we get in the series)

Favorite Character: Magnus because he's got so much depth to him.  We see so many sides, so many aspects of him but there's always more.  The Bane Chronicles have been fantastic for showing more but there's still so much mystery - probably 800 years worth.

Favorite Quote: "He leaned against the door frame, ignoring the kick of adrenaline the sight of her produced. He wondered why, not for the first time. Isabelle used her beauty like she used her whip, but Clary didn't know she was beautiful at all."  -City of Bones 

Favorite Fan Moment: On Canada's Inner Space hour special on the Space Channel for the TMI Movie, my question was one of three asked to Jamie, Lily and Kevin.  That was pretty exciting for me because while we don't have the mall tours in Canada and I'm the opposite side of the country from Toronto, I got to in a way be the focus of the cast for a moment.

Fan of the Month Social Media:

Tumblr: dreamreality13

We really hope you enjoyed meeting December's Mortal Instrument's Fan of the Month! The Mortal Instruments have brought people together of all ages from around the world, and we are hoping to make a few introductions that will lead into a lasting fandom family. Say hi to Lara in the comments below, and come back to meet January's Mortal Instrument's fan of the month! 

If you are interested in becoming fan of the month, tweet @YugenBliss  

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