Thursday, February 6, 2014

Shadowhunters Give Back: Valentine Project 2014 for @archildrens

When I was a little girl, there was nothing more fun than exchanging cards at school on Valentine's Day.

Now just imagine, being little and stuck in a hospital fighting an illness and not getting to share Valentine's Day with your friends. Thanks to the amazing people at Arkansas Children's Hospital (@archildrens) and with the help of you incredible Shadowhunters, patients at the hospital will be getting Valentine's!

What you need to do:
This is totally free and takes just a couple seconds! Go to the Arkansas Children's Hospital site. Fill out your name, email address, ZIP code and select a Valentine, a message and hit send! That's it! Simple, right?! Check out the examples on the left for what your card will look like. Cute, huh!!

By doing this, little kids at Arkansas Children's Hospital will get a Valentine from you! Isn't that amazing!? Make sure to share with your friends, with famous people, with everyone! We want as many people supporting this as we can!

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