Friday, June 14, 2013

Lily Collins talks with MTV UK about a music career

Speaking exclusively to MTV News UK,  Lily Collins said she would like to work in a musical movie adaptation but hasn't completely ruled out a music career.
She explained: "I'd never say never, but I would like to do a musical movie where I get to experiment with that more, as acting if definitely my focus and my passion.
"Incorporating music would be quite fun I think and musical movies are definitely happening right now."
When asked which particular artist she would most like to sound like, Lily replied: "Oh my gosh there's too many that I enjoy listening to. I'm kind of a mix of everything really. I don't really have one in particular.
"I love Rihanna but I don't think you could be the next Rihanna… I love Adele but no-one could be the next Adele. I'd want to be the best version of myself and draw from all the artists that I really like listening to and create kind of a new type of sound."
She added: "I just want to be Lily. I don't want to be doubling anybody because everyone is so awesome as they are."

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