Sunday, June 2, 2013

Runes in June Contest!

The release of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie is quickly approaching! The Mortal Institute and Better in Black have come up with a contest for you amazing shadowhunters. Runes in June consists of writing a short poem about two runes we will be posting each week on Instagram and Facebook. You can include both runes or just use one of them in your poem. For example if we posted the angelic and strength runes you would write about one or both. Here is a sample of a poem for the angelic rune: 
Creeping, turning,
Twisting, winding
Elegantly spread
Written on a milky surface
Darkness demons dread
Singing out its silent message
Protection on the heart
Oldest of the runes
Angelic from the start
How do you enter? Well on instagram all you have to do is post a pic of your poem and use the hashtag #RunesinJune and tag us by putting our account @themortalinstitute. If you are entering on Facebook you would put your poem in the comment section on Better in Black's FB status for the two runes we post for you guys to write your poem about.

Who can enter? This contest is international so anyone can enter.
What can you win? We have 8 rune decals to giveaway; four rune decals will be given to instagram entries and four runes decals will be given to Facebook entries. You can see the photo above shows the prize which are the rune decals.
How do you win? The Mortal Institute team will choose 1 winner each week of June randomly from the instagram entries. Better in Black team will also choose 1 winner randomly each week from the Facebook entries. Thus, as you can see we will give you a week to write the poem and we won't be judging your poem, you will be randomly selected as the winner. So good luck! 
Hope you join in & have fun!

Since it is already June, this first week of the contest your poems must include the speed and strength rune.

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