Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cassandra Clare Talks 'City of Ashes' Film

Cassandra Clare spoke with MTV News about the upcoming Mortal Instruments sequel saying that she's ready for it. City of Bones fans have been patiently waiting for more news on the second installment which is set to film sometime in 2014 and we finally have some! Cassandra Clare dishes that the next movie "ratchets up the stakes". An obvious play on words for what's to come.


"Simon (Robert Sheehan) is turned into a vampire," Clare teases, "And he goes from being this human who's Clary's friend to this ravenous undead thing." Cassandra says that casting Robert Sheehan for the role was always the plan, "Robbie was actually my idea," she says. "I saw him in 'Misfits,' which is a big comedy hit in Britain, and he's just so good and yet also able to be heartbreaking and I thought he'll be great and he will enjoy the hell out of being a vampire."

MTV asked what fans can expect from City of Ashes, and although the 'Mortal Instruments' author couldn't say a lot, she told them Sigourney Weaver joining the series as the Inquisitor is what fans will enjoy. That the character is, "This badass, scary lady". Clare also talks about the scene she can't wait to see play out onscreen which is a huge battle that takes place on the deck of a warship. If you've read the books you know the one!

She also shares her thoughts concerning the first film and her reaction upon seeing her series come to life. She describes it as a "bizarre" experience adding, "Even though in the movie they're very different from the way they are in the books, there were moments where I sort of jumped because a certain prop or a certain thing was as I imagined it in my head."

Though City of Ashes hasn't begun filming yet this interview gives us reassurance that everything's on schedule to move forward soon. Since Cassie talks about Simon's character, which moment from the novel with him in it are you dying to see happen in the COA film? Comment below or tweet us @TMI_Institute!

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