Monday, November 4, 2013

New Bane Chronicles snippet features Elyaas the demon

Cassie Clare took to Tumblr to share a brand new snippet from The Bane Chronicles: What to Buy the Shadowhunter Who has Everything, which features a fun interaction with the blue tentacled demon Elyaas, who made an appearance in The Infernal Devices. Read ahead...

Bane Chronicles snippet
“How have you been keeping? You know, since the last time you summoned me,” said Elyaas, the demon.“What?” Magnus asked.“You don’t remember me?” said the tentacle demon.“I summon a lot of demons,” Magnus said weakly.There was a long pause. Magnus stared into the bottom of his coffee cup and desperately willed more coffee to appear. This was something a lot of mundanes did too, but Magnus had one up on those suckers. His mug did slowly fill again, until it was brimming with rich dark liquid. He sipped and looked at Elyaas, who was shifting uncomfortably from tentacle to tentacle.“Well,” said Elyaas. “This is awkward.”“It’s nothing personal,” said Magnus.“Maybe if I jogged your memory,” Elyaas suggested helpfully. “You summoned me when you were searching for a demon who cursed a Shadowhunter? Bill Herondale?”“Will Herondale,” said Magnus.Elyaas snapped his tentacles as if they were fingers. “I knew it was something like that.”“You know,” Magnus said, enlightened, “I think I do remember. I’m sorry about that. I realized right away that you weren’t the demon I was looking for. You looked kind of blue in one of the drawings, but obviously you are not blue, and I was wasting your time. You were pretty understanding about it.”“Think nothing of it.” Elyaas waved a tentacle. “These things happen. And I can look blue. You know, in the right light.”“Lighting’s important, it’s true,” said Magnus.“So whatever happened with Bill Herondale and that curse a blue demon put on him?” The cecaelia demon’s interest seemed genuine.“Will Herondale,” Magnus said again. “It’s actually rather a long story.”“You know, sometimes we demons pretend we’re cursing people and we don’t really do it,” said Elyaas chattily. “Like, just for kicks? It’s kind of a thing with us. Did you know that?”“You could have mentioned it a century or two ago,” Magnus observed frostily.Elyaas shook his head, smiling a slime-bedecked smile. “The old pretend-to-curse. It’s a classic. Very funny.” He appeared to notice Magnus’s unimpressed expression for the first time. “Not from your perspective, of course.”“It wasn’t funny for Bill Herondale!” said Magnus. “Oh, damn it. Now you’ve got me doing it.”— from What to Buy the Shadowhunter Who Has Everything*We just got news on an awesome audio narrator for this one - I think you guys will be pleased!

What do you think about this fun snippet? Are you excited about the newest Bane Chronicles from Cassie and Sarah Rees Brennan? Share your thoughts below.

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