Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Is Jonathan Morgenstern redeemable? We asked the fans...

With the reveal tonight of the City of Heavenly Fire, I took to Twitter to talk about the dark half of the duo gracing the cover: Sebastian aka Jonathan.

It's hard to say what Cassandra Clare decided to do with Sebastian. She's said in the past the Sebastian is not redeemable, but there are some (including myself) who think that even the detestable brother of Clary Fray can truly rid himself of the horrible demon nature and become redeemed in the eyes of Clary and the readers.

So, I wanted to ask the fans what THEY think. While we wait for the release on May 27th (US date), we leave with you these Sebastian thoughts. Be sure to comment below or tweet us at @tmi_institute with your #COHFtheories.


  1. He killed an 8 year old boy without regret and happily tried to torture Izzy (and would have eventually killed her). He helped to arrange the deaths of the Nephilim's children, elderly, and unarmed, untrained civilians in City of Glass, and a bunch of people died. He tried to *rape his sister*. Even things that people could argue are positive aspects of his character (ie part of him seems to yearn for love) present themselves in selfish, twisted ways (ie he may want love, but he has absolutely no problem trying to *take* it or *force* it on those he wants it from-- he wanted to use the Infernal Cup on Clary so she'd willingly be under his thumb (and essentially be his sex slave)). He is trying to raze the planet, and utilizing mind control to do it.

    Sebastian is not redeemable. There aren't excuses for the things he's done.

    Also, in order to be redeemed you have to *want* to be a better person, and Sebastian has never expressed interest. You can't make someone repent. That isn't redemption.

  2. I think Sebastian might be redeemed only because of the reference in the Shadowhunter rhyme about the lost coming home.


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