Thursday, January 9, 2014

Let's talk about these 'City of Ashes' casting rumors

This feels all a bit like deja vu. Back in 2012, we witnessed a three ring circus of casting rumors for The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones. Anyone remember how we all had Magnus mania as about 200 actors were seen for that role?

Well, trickles of rumors are beginning surface about the sequel. We know that production is set to begin this year for City of Ashes. We just don't exactly know who will be in it. Very early on in TMI filming, a few of the actors (and I'm trying to reminder back so don't flog me if I get this wrong) said they'd struck a three-movie deal. If I remember right, that would mean actors like, Jamie Campbell Bower, Lily Collins, Robert Sheehan, etc., should be in the next film. We even know that Sigourney Weaver is set to play the Inquisitor. We don't clearly know what will be involved as Constantin reworks the franchise, but we do know they are being very diligent about it on behalf of all the fans.

With all this said, there are a couple sites saying that two actors are up for the role of Jonathan Morgenstern for City of Ashes: Ezra Miller and Dylan O'Brien. So, I, have to ask, could we see one of them looking like this?

Now before you light your torches to burn down the world, I have no idea if these rumors are true. But, you better believe I'll find out for my Shadowhunters.

Ezra Miller, 21, is most notably known for his portrayal of Patrick in the screen adaptation of The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The role showed Miller has serious acting chops and received praise from the critics. This year, he's taking on the role of Leon Dubuis in the remake of Madame Bovary.

Dylan O'Brien, 22, steals our hearts each week as Stiles on the MTV hit series Teen Wolf. He's also taken on the lead role of Thomas in this year's book-to-movie adaptation of Maze Runner.

While each of them have legions of fans and would probably both fit well in the TMI world, there's one simple question we haven't answered: how would they put Sebastian/JCM in City of Ashes? It begs to question: are the sites that rumored this completely wrong? Possibly. Could Sebby make his entrance at some point late in COA leading into COG? Stranger things have happened. Could the studio be planning to film the movies back to back so they are casting everyone now? Very possible. Until we hear something from Sony, Constantin, or Cassie Clare, we won't know with 100% certainty the real answer to these questions. Do we at the Institute intend to find out? GUARANTEED.

Until then, share your thoughts below on who you see as Sebastian/Jonathan or hop on over and join in the conversation on Twitter at @TMI_Institute.


  1. I would really love to see, Dylan O'Brien as Jonathan/ Sebastian! :-D

  2. I would LOVE to see Toby Hemingway as Sebastian/Jonathan!! Just look at his role as 'Reid Garwin' in the covenant and you'll see why I think he would portray Sebastian/Jonathan perfectly!!


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