Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jamie Campbell Bower Discusses 'City of Ashes'

Digital Spy recently spoke with 'Mortal Instruments' star Jamie Campbell Bower at the launch event for BT TV's partnership with Curzon Home Cinema about the future of the franchise. Jamie had this to say about Constantin moving forward with the production, "We have seen a lot of [those films] flounder, and so if Constantin feel comfortable to move on to the next Mortal Instruments film, I'm happy for that." 

Bower admits that while being part of a huge franchise is great connecting with fans is what it's all about. He went on to tell Digital Spy, "Even from being a small part of something like Twilight, I found out that actually, what's really important is having a connection with the fans."

"It's great to be able to sit here and do press, but if I can go out there and I can do a mall tour - which is what we did for Mortal Instruments and for Twilight - that actually can make somebody's day. And that's sort of what I'm doing this for."

We could not agree more! Hearing Jamie talk about the importance of fans and why he is eager to pick up where he left off as Shadowhunter Jace Wayland makes us all very excited!

It was only early September when we found out the production of the 'City of Bones' sequel was halted, and earlier this month we learned that City of Ashes would still be filming in 2014. Fans of 'The Mortal Instruments' collectively expressed their enthusiasm with renewed hope for the adaptation, and it's amazing to see the actors are just as happy to reprise their roles.

Since COA is moving forward what Jace scenes are you most thrilled to see make it from book to movie? Let us know in a comment or tweet us @TMI_Institute!


  1. I think I'm most excited and hope they include the Simon scene, the Seelie Court, and the ship. I feel like those are quite important, eventful, and exciting parts of City of Ashes :)

  2. ooooh i would be so excited to see City of Ashes be made into a movie but my only concern is how they would get the Mortal Cup to Valntine(?) since Clary kept it in the first movie.Valntine was suppose to end up wit it but didnt so im curious how they would work that out.But regardless i really hope it goes thru,i love the first movie and i can only hope the 2nd one is just as good


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