Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Jamie Campbell Bower leaves twitter

I'm regretfully having to share some bad news this morning. Jamie Campbell Bower has left his Twitter account @jamiebower after a group attempted to hack it.
Jamie, who is known best to us a Jace Wayland in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones shared his thoughts on his Tumblr account.

“Twitter go Bye Bye
Good morrow fair children
i trust we all slept well?
Last night there was a group of people, who called themselves “fans”, attempting to “hack” my twitter account. This has lead me to dispose of said account.
I understand that these particular individuals are not a reflection on all of you gorgeous people but it only takes a minority to fuck shit up and ruin it for everybody.
I loved twitter and it was with a heavy heart that i had to make such a drastic decision but heres the kicker, i as a person have no obligation to share my life with the outside world but i wanted everyone who has supported me to feel somewhat involved, invited or part of my bizarre existence. I have said in interviews that i always felt “outside” or perhaps a “spaceman” and twitter offered me the possibility to feel connected to others, who perhaps, feel the same way, because i had no one to connect with as a kid or a tangible figurehead that felt the same as i did.
I am sorry for those who feel let down by me. I feel let down
I love you. But i dont need more self righteous Daily Mail cunts in my life.
x “
As someone who has followed his tweets for a long time and been very blessed to get a chance to meet and interview him twice now, it is such a shame that some stupid group of “fans” had to ruin it for such a sweet guy. The thing that everyone should remember is that he is a person and has real feelings, not just some random twitter handle with no face or name. And being someone in the spotlight, I couldn’t even imagine how horrible it would be if people hacked my twitter and used it for personal gain. If Jamie feels about Twitter like most of us do, Twitter is a sanctuary for people who just want to reach out to the world and share experience and get interaction and love. I’ll miss Jamie’s tweets immensely and hope that one day he’ll feel safe enough to rejoin.
x Amber


  1. I've only been following Jamie a few months and I really enjoy reading his tweets and seeing the pics that he puts up but now I won't be able to thanks to a few so called fans who had to go and hack his account just to get some private information. How would they like it if there Information was on the web for everyone to see Jamie had a private life for a reason so he can kick back and relax and not worry About being hacked hopefully he be back soon x

  2. You really shouldn't post his tumblr account or the same thing will happen with that account. He said himself he doesn't want too many people to know about his Tumblr account.. Look at 2:48 I am the manager at and am asking all JCB sites, fanpages and tumblr account holders to stop sharing his Tumblr ID.

    1. Great thought! I haven't been announcing on Twitter, but I may just delete it here too.

  3. What kinda of so called 'fans' would do something like that. Jamie is amazing. Such stupid people in the world. I really enjoy reading Jamies tweets but its very unfortunate that they had 2 hack it.

  4. After watching Mortal Instruments, I am so in love with this young man. Amazing actor and gorgeous. I don't care about twitter account. I just want to see more of him on screen.


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