Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Jamie Campbell Bower Looks Dark and Dashing in AnOther Man Magazine

Jamie Campbell Bower is featured in AnOther Man Magazine's fall/winter issue.
Bower is looking incredibly fashionable and very handsome in the black and white shoot.

You can read about what Jamie had to say in AnOther Man Magazine's interview!

'The Mortal Instruments' star has been keeping busy and looking the Shadowhunter part in his dark attire. Even when Jamie is not playing the role of Jace Wayland he still captures everyone's attention.

It's great to see J.C.B. taking on other projects! Don't you agree?

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  1. Jamie really is a lovely man, and he's one of my top favorite people for so many reasons. I'm glad he didn't turn into a snob, that's possibly the best and greatest thing about him ever. if I ever saw him face to face, I don't know what I would do in all honesty because of my social anxiety.


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