Friday, July 26, 2013

Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower on the Cover of Ciak Magazine!

It's our Clace on the cover of the Italian magazine, Ciak! Jamie Campbell Bower looking very badass as Jace Wayland and Lily Collins looking flawless as Clary Fray. The August issue of Ciak features 'The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones' and discusses the shadowhunter world and angels vs demons. 

Ciak Magazine's facebook page also included this little description of the August cover:
Amici SHADOWHUNTERS, questa è la cover che vi dedichiamo...più sei pagine faccia a faccia con Lily Collins e Jamie Campbell Bower per scoprire tutti i segreti di CITTA' DI OSSA! (per esempio, come Jamie ha superato la prova "chemistry" di compatibilità con Lily, come si sono allenati per il film e perché si sentono vicini a Clary e Jace... Shadowhunters Italia,Shadowhunters Italia ~| The Mortal Instruments Italia | "Italian Shadowhunters" Lily Collins & Jamie Campbell Bower
Friends, this is the SERIES cover that we dedicate ourselves ... more six pages face-to-face with Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower to discover all the secrets of city of bones! (for example, as Jamie has passed the test "chemistry" of compatibility with Lily, as they trained for the movie and because they feel close to Clary and Jace ... Italy, mortal instruments series, Italy | The Mortal Instruments Italy | "Italian Series" Lily Collins & Jamie Campbell Bower

What do you guys think of the Ciak cover? Feel free to leave your comments below!

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