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Video: 'The Mortal Instruments' San Diego Comic-Con panel

Shadowhunters! After camping out all day and night with our affiliate site City Of Shadowhunters, we made it into Hall H of San Diego Comic Con where we would be able to catch up with Jamie Campbell Bower, Lily Collins, Robert Sheehan, Kevin Zegers, Godfrey Gao, Cassandra Clare, and Harald Zwart at Sony's The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones panel.

 Instead of gushing about my experience at the panel, I know what you really want - the video of Sony's TMI panel at San Diego Comic Con. A HUGE shout out to City of Shadowhunters for the video!  Be prepared for lots of silly giggles and enjoy your virtual experience!

"Mediator – for the record it’s always the question sort of when the movie is adapted from a book you know how true are you going to remain to the source materiel. Some can take like the walking dead  and truly veers from far away, or Harry Potter which stays closer what was it like. When you first decided, when you took it on in terms of deciding, well we might make some changes here, but where we also wanna make sure we keep this really true? 
Harald – Well the source material is pretty great. We didn’t need to change anything really, the hardest part was to compress it down to reasonable movie length, and making the choices of what to keep and what not to keep, and how could we make short cuts and still have a consistent story even though we had to take some things out.  But it was great you know I was working closely with Cassandra on a lot of it, she was very helpful so it was (saving?). 
Mediator – Cassandra, as you are re hydrated over there up here on the comic-con stage, that’s important its been a long day a lot of interviews a lot of signings. But you know Harald just talked about that some writers, when their films are adapted for movies or TV, some people are very involved, some people don’t wanna be involved, some people sort of some what, what was your roll here? 
Cassie – I wanted to be involved I was pretty interfere-y. Um, you know they, they were like ‘would you like to be involved in casting?’ I was like ‘would I like a gold plated Ferrari? Yes, I’d like to be involved, I’d like to be involved in everything’ so there really was almost nothing that I didn’t bug Harald about: the costumes, or the sets or the casting, or the story, at one level or another. It was a very real process because he [Harald] was sort of introducing me to how you make a movie and I was talking to him about, you know the stories, where they went in the future, and how things in this movie would affect the story down the road, and it was very collaborative. 
Mediator – Uh, Jamie 
Jamie – Hello 
Mediator – Hello. You are an arrogant bastard. 
Jamie – Thank you very much. Thank you so much. 
Mediator – I’m talking about your character. 
Jamie – Oh, right 
 Mediator – and you, no your character. Uh, Jace is pretty arrogant in the books, he’s a guy that has a definite attitude. He’s walking around with a tude. Uh he’s throwing a little tude all over Clary. How much of that is going to translate on screen what we see in the books.  
Jamie – yeah I play him as a sassy bitch. Uh no, I mean I think in the books you know obviously we have the (elements?) that it’s in to explore a character over you know hundreds of pages. You know with the movie we have to condense that; and what stuck out for me about Jace was this vulnerability that he has. I’ve said this a lot but it’s true  so I’ll say it again. So he has this vulnerability about him and thats why he sort of puts on this facade of this cockiness, this self awareness, this self assuredness and he lets that down. He lets his guard down with Lily, I mean Clary, Jesus, Clary, and so, you know for him thats his bag. And I did, I made him really grumpy quite a lot of the time. But he needed to be grumpy in order for you to feel for him later on in the story. 
Mediator – Robert you have some experience in the supernatural projects. This guy knows immortality.  
Robert – I’m thinking I might take my shirt off.  
Mediator – That’s right, you know immortality from Misfits so how do downworlders here differ from the characters in that show?  
Robert – Well, I mean the characters in Misfits, when they all get cursed with these super powers, the super powers were more like extensions of their own insecurity, you know so they came[the super powers] very much from them. The downworlder characters are part demon, part human. They’re a mix of the two, and they’ve learned to live peacefully with people, and so yes the super powers and the demonic aspects of the characters of the mortal instruments differ greatly.  
Mediator – Kevin, 
Kevin – uh huh  
Mediator – We learn a lot about your character Alec throughout the book. A lot of stuff happens with him, a lot of good stuff, some not so good stuff. Um, how much did you peek ahead and sort of see what happens later, and if you did peek ahead because you’re a big cheater, how did you either include… 
Kevin – don’t tell my wife 
Cassie -  He’s allowed to read ahead you know 
Mediator -  no, you’re allowed to read it. but how much fun, how much did you include or sort of exclude that stuff of what you know when playing him for this movie from this book? 
Kevin -  Well, I mean I think we were all on the same page which you know the main focus when I spoke with Harald was we’re making one film, so you can start [reading the book] and it will really inhibit your ability to, you know, you can get ahead of yourself and reveal things that are not meant to be revealed until much later. And you know fortunately we’re gonna be able to make at least one more of these, but I tried to at least sort of, you try to create a character and not look too far ahead and not make any assumptions about him. I mean theres the obvious thing with his sexuality, and obviously that’s revealed throughout the series of the novels, but you know, that was something that I considered, but it wasn’t something that we uh, you know we were just making a movie. We tried not to get too overwhelmed with the expectation of the entire series and just start it off by telling a great story. And I love the character Alec, I remember from the script I really felt an infinity towards him, especially for a film of this sort of magnitude. I was super impressed that Cassie was able to write a character that had all this stuff going on and then he’s still, he’s still kind of a bad ass. 
Mediator – Godfrey Gao, lets talk to the high warlock of brooklyn for a second 
Kevin? – He took his pants off. 
Godfrey – Welcome to my party! 
Mediator – yeah. I was gonna say how do the parties at Comic-Con measure up, because you know a good party when you see one, or when you throw one, in this case. 
Godfrey – This is definitely Magnus Bane’s caliber. All these people here, it’s crazy. 
Mediator – And uh, Magnus Bane’s party, Cassie we might be able to see a little cameo from you at Magnus’ party in this film? 
Cassie – I think I made it in, I was a demon at Magnus’ party and I had these metal cat ears that were attached to my head and uh it was like a night shoot so they were there from like 10 to 4 in the morning, and I left, I got straight on the plane going home, couldn’t get the ears off. They were like welded to my head so I had to go through the metal detector at the Toronto airport, and they were like yeah you keep setting off the detector, and I was like,  my ears are not detachable. They had to take me to that special room where they pat you down and then like x-ray. They x-rayed my ears, but I am in the movie. 
 Mediator – Harald didn’t cut you out?  
Cassie – I don’t think so, Harald did you cut me out? 
Harald – I insisted on having her. You [Cassie] should be in Magnus Bane’s party where you’re amongst your own creatures. So, she’s in there, and she’s done a great job. There’s no reason to cut her out. It was great to have her there. 
Mediator  Um, were gonna get some more of these questions in just a minute so start thinking about that, start thinking about what you want to ask the cast ….but talk is cheap people …[introducing the clip] … in this scene were gonna see Clary attempted to get some answers out of Jace as these strange things she keeps seeing,  while her mother played by Lena Headey deals with some unwelcoming visitors at home. Nobody has seen this yet, we’re the first ones anywhere. Here it is an exclusive first look at The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones check the screen.
*video clip was NOT recorded (that would break laws)* 

"Mediator – Lets get the questions over to the cast, the director and author or The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Number one, way over there how’s it going? Nice look. 
Lily – The first shadowhunter that I’ve seen, that’s so exciting. 
Fan – Cassie, I was just wondering, well you’re really active on social media sites like twitter and tumblr and I was wondering how can you possibly find the time for any of that fan service with all the shadowhunter series and the bane chronicles, did you ever sleep, ever? 
Cassie – I know I need like a time turner, right. Basically I set myself a certain amount of work a day, I got to write 3,000 words and when I’m done I can do whatever I want. And I feel like it’s important to kind of go out there and you know, be present, on social networking. Know what the fans are thinking, know what they like, and what they don’t like. What they’re happy about, what they’re not happy about. Just kind of you know remind them that I’m a real person and they can ask me questions, and they can know more about this world. You know, I enjoy it and I also, you know, think it’s an important thing too. 
Mediator – Thanks a lot, appreciate it. Yup. 
Jamie – Hello 
Fan – Oh, Hi. Hi Cassie, and hi everyone, sorry I’m really nervous. Um First of all, my twitter followers and the whole TMI fandom on twitter want me to say that they love you and that you’re amazing and they are very excited for the movie. 
TMI Panel – Thank you … 
Fan – Um so, oh yeah, I saw you guys on Toronto, I went on set and yeah. So, what’s the most challenging aspect of your character you’re playing, and also Cassie, which character is the hardest for you to write? 
Lily – Was that for me? 
 Cassie -  I think it was questions down the line for everybody …
[too much talking going on at once] 
Cassie – we can do it like lightning round. 
Lily – The most challenging part about playing my character was probably doing stunts in a tight dress and 5 inch leather boots. Um that was probably the hardest part about my character, had keep – yeah try running in them, it’s not, it’s not easy.  Um, keeping up with the guys, but it was fun and I loved every second of it but it was definitely not easy. 
Cassie – Um if we need me to talk about my cameo, so… 
Jamie – The hardest part about playing Jace was not eating chocolate. Cheers. 
Robbie – Um, well the hardest part about playing Simon was uh, you know my masculinity took a lot of hits on this film because a lot of it entailed just cowering behind the women in the action scenes. So uh yeah my machismo got taken down a bit or two so that was quite difficult for me, thank you for asking. 
Kevin – The hardest part was probably just hanging out with Bower for three months, it was terrible. 
Robbie – That’s also … 
Kevin – to me that was … 
Mediator -  Did you eat a lot of chocolate in front of him? 
 Kevin – I actually, I actually did. Thank you. And I would, I would only eat it in front of him. We would sit in our cast chairs and I would have cookies. 
Jamie – You [Kevin]  brought me cookies back on the plane once
Kevin – I did.
Lily – Texted, you texted pictures of cookies
[too much talking going on at once] 
 Kevin – I would send Jamie texts of cookies on an airplane. Any sort of goodie that he wasn’t allowed to have. That was fun. And, nothing was very hard, this was a fun gig for all of us I think so… 
Mediator – Godfrey 
Godfrey – Well I guess, um, the hardest part for me was taking my pants off in front of Harald. 
Robbie – We really wanna see Godfrey without his pants on, right? 
Jamie – Right now? 
Godfrey – Right now. 
Mediator – I’m assuming this is from the movie, you’re talking about.
Harald – This had nothing to do with … 
[too much talking going on at once] 
Harald – to get the part. That’s how it works in Hollywood sometimes. I just wanted to test it, that the theory was actually true. 
Cassie – I think that Godfrey has shared in the past that the underwear he is wearing in that scene is his own underwear.
Kevin – Really? 
Cassie – was not ordered underwear.  
Jamie – It took four days to shoot the scene so… 
Robbie – How much do you think that they’d be worth if we actioned them off? 
Cassie – On e-bay? 
Kevin- or we put it on e-bay, yeah 
Cassie – I think we could all go to Maui for you know, at least a week. 
Robbie – They have not been washed. 
Mediator – All right, we have time for one more question so lets go to it right there, yes.
Fan – Hi, um, this is mainly for the shadowhunters, but for anyone. What rune would you draw on yourself to enhance an ability or characteristic? 
 Mediator – Cassie answer right?
Cassie – yeah, okay. What rune would I draw on myself? um, uh I wish there was a write faster rune, but there’s not really, so I would go with fearless. I think that fearless is very great rune you know, allows you to do things that you would otherwise be afraid to try. 
Harald – I would do the direct to hit movie rune. 
Kevin – the 20 million, the 20 million dollars a picture rune. 
Jamie – [too much talking going on at once] ready? for love… 
Robbie – If you guys tattooed a rune on me it would just say I love you mom. I don’t know what it does, but uh, but it’s on there now. 
Mediator – you don’t wanna know what it does. 
Robbie – yeah 
Mediator – All right, thank you so much Lily Collins, Cassandra Clare, Jamie Campbell Bower. Thank you guys."

If this didn't satisfy your fangirly feels, you can review the live tweets of the panel from @TMI_Institute , just look for the July 19th tweets! 

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