Friday, July 5, 2013

Welcome our newest Institute blogger

We are happy to welcome our newest blogger to the Institute, Victoria Kennedy! Everyone say hello to Victoria!
Victoria is a 24 year old FanGirl and Cosplayer located in Louisiana. She graduated Dog Grooming School in 2008 and also does office work at a metal company. She loves going to conventions, traveling, reading, writing, sketching, playing with her toy poodle Lily Kimber, and obsessing over all her favorite fandoms!
She currently has her own blog she created & runs, a vlog, and is very active on various social media sites. She met Jamie Campbell Bower back in 2010 when rumors were first starting to circulate that he'd be playing Jace in The Mortal Instruments and has been supporting him ever since. When asked what TMI characters she ships she says Team Sizzy & Team Malec and when it comes to TID it's Team Jewessa all the way! Victoria hopes to be a published author one day.
You can follow her on twitter @VintageVampyre.

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