Monday, July 29, 2013

Toronto Premiere of 'The Mortal Instruments' on August 15!

FINALLY! A date for the Toronto premiere of 'The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones'! 

Based on the article from Global News, the premiere will be held at Scotiabank Theatre on Richmond Street West on Thursday, August 15. We've only gotten news from Kevin Zegers himself that he will be walking the red carpet in Toronto, no word yet of which of his other co-stars will be atending the premiere. 

So any shadowhunters in Toronto thinking of going??? Leave your comments below! 


  1. I totally wanna be there. Is there a way to get tickets to the premiere or do we have to just lurk outside to get a glimpse of the cast?

    1. We haven't revived info yet. I'll make sure to post when I know something!

  2. I live in Toronto, and everyone says "Who's gonna go!! :):):)" one problem. WE DONT KNOW HOW. I did some research and there was a contest to go see the premiere but it ended June 30th. So Canadian shadowhunters have no idea how to get tickets. If you find out how, please. PLEASE. PLEASEEEEEE tell us.

  3. I won two passes. My birthday was the 12 of August. Best. Birthday. Ever.!!!!

  4. This may be really last minute, but the thing about premieres is that you don't get to watch the movie unless you've won tickets or were somehow invited. Not only will Kevin be there, almost all of the cast will be there too :) Don't feel discouraged, because they may give tickets away during the red carpet (it doesn't always happen though). Personally, I live in Toronto, and will still be going.


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