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Fan dream cast poll for THE INFERNAL DEVICES movie


What do you guys think about a possible movie? Who would you want to see in the cast? Well, we heard from The Mortal Instruments executive producer Martin Moszkowicz on Saturday when he asked fans who we would want to see in an Infernal Devices movie. Although it was clarified by Cassie Clare that the movie is only in development, fans were very eager to give their opinions on who they would want to see. So, I'm making a list for you guys with pics and then my friend over at @CDSvzla helped put together an awesome poll with fan selected actors for the characters in the movie.

We want to know who you would like in these roles!!

So, here we go...

Tessa Gray

Top left to right: Astrid Berges-Frisbey, Sarah Bolger and Nina Dobrev.
Bottom Left to right: Mia Wasikowska, Anna Speckhart and Daveigh Chase.

Will Herondale

Top left to right: Aaron Johnson, Douglas Booth and Tom Sturridge.
Bottom left to right: Nicholas Hoult, Ed Westwick and Daniel Sharman

Jem Carstairs

Left to right: Eiji Wentz and Anthony Neely.

Charlotte Branwell

Left to right: gemma arterton, Rachel McAdams, Sara Canning, Hayley Atwell and Rachel Weisz


Jessamine Lovelace

Top left to right: Gabriella Wilde, Claire Holt and Dianna Argon.
Bottom left to right: Candice Accola, Ashley Benson and Sasha Pieterse.

Henry Branwell

Left to right: Rupert Grint, Simon Woods, Alan Tudyk, JJ Felid and Eddie Redmayne.

Sophie Collins

Left to right: Emily Browning Leighton Meester, Andrea Riseborough, Felicity Jones and Anna Popplewell

Camille Belacourt

Clockwise: Clemence Poesy, Arielle Kebbel, Amber Heard, Dakota Fanning and Candace Pittman.

Nathanial Gray

Top left to right: Garret Hedlund and Toby Hemingway.
Middle left to right: Bradley James and Jeremy Sumpter.
Bottom left to right: Alex Gardner and Jake Abel.

Axel Mortmain

From left to right: Michael Fassbender, Simon Merrells, Dylan Walsh, Chris Cooper and Michael Sheen.

Alexei De Quincey

From left to right Jospeh Morgan, Mark Strong and Alexander Skarsgard.

Gideon Lightwood

From left to right Jensen Ackles, Xavier Samuels and Benjamin Eidem

Gabriel Lightwood

Frome left to right Matt Lanter, Matt Dallas, Alex Watson, Simon Miller and River Viiperi


  1. What do you think about

    Tessa Gray: Astrid Berges-Frisbey, Emilia Clarke
    Will Herondale: Aaron Taylor Johnson, Adam Gregory, Douglas Booth, Ed Westwick
    Jem Carstairs: Ben Barnes, Jackson Rathbone, Mitch Hewer
    Sophie Collins: Willa Holland, Emily Browning, Leighton Meester, Alexis Bledel
    Charlotte Branwell: Mia Wasikowska, Gemma Arterton, Rachel McAdams
    Henry Branwell: Simon Woods, Jamie Bell, James Marsden
    Jessamine Lovelace: Holliday Grainger, Ashley Benson
    Cecily Herondale: India Eisley, Hailee Steinfeld
    Gabriel Lightwood: Sean Stone, Chace Crawford, Callard Harris, Gaspard Ulliel
    Gideon Lightwood: Bradley James, Max Irons
    Magnus Bane: Godfrey Gao
    Nathaniel Gray: Xavier Samuel, Chace Crawford
    Mortmain: Mark Strong
    Benedict Lightwood: Patrick Dempsey
    Camille Belcourt: Eva Green, Carice Van Houten, Scarlett Johansson
    Alexei deQuincey: Alexander Skarsgard, Stuart Townsed
    Mrs. Black: Judie Dench

  2. I think Joshua Brand Anthony should play as Will Herondale. Even though he isn't an actor, but a model.

    1. Yeah he looks the way the book describes Will, I think he would be a good match too

  3. I think

    Tessa Gray - Astrid Berges-Frisbey
    Will Herondale - Douglas Booth *
    Jem Carstairs - Anthony Neely
    Jessamine Lovelace - Dianna Argon / Gabriella Wilde
    Charlotte Branwell - Jenna-Louise Coleman
    Henry Branwell - Simon Woods
    Nate Gray - Jake Abel / Jeremy Sumpter
    Sophie Collins - Willa Holland
    Gabriel Lightwood - William Moseley
    Gideon Lightwood - Max Irons / Bradley James
    Benedict Lightwood - Ralph Fiennes
    Axel Mortmain - Robert Downey Jr
    Alexei de Quincey - Alexander Skarsgard
    Camille Belcourt - Katie McGrath
    Magnus Bane - Godfrey Gao
    Cecily Herondale - Anna Popplewell
    Dark sisters - Helena Bonham-Carter and Judy Dench

    *No one could ever quite be perfect as Will, but DB is pretty good for me


  4. I think Matt Lanter should play William Herondale!
    I mean his eyes are amazing!

  5. I think:

    Tessa Grey – Willa Holland
    Will Herondale – Aaron Taylor-Johnson
    James Carstairs – Haruma Miura
    Charlotte Fairchild Branwell – Jennifer Ulrich
    Henry Branwell – Joseph Fiennes
    Jessamine Lovelace – Ana Mulvoy-Ten
    Cecily Herondale – Georgie Henley
    Gideon Lightwood – Daniel Sharman
    Gabriel Lightwood – Alex Watson
    Sophie Collins – Adelaide Kane
    Tatiana Lightwood Blackthorn – Gemma Arterton
    Magnus Bane – Godfrey Gao
    Nathaniel “Nate” Grey – Tom Sturridge
    Axel Mortmain – Mark Strong
    Alexei DeQuincey – Colin O'Donoghue
    Lady Camille Belcourt – Nathalie Cox


  6. I think

    Tessa Gray — Willa Holland
    Will Herondale — Aaron Taylor Johnson or Adam Gregory
    Jem Carstairs — Douglas Booth
    Charlotte Branwell — Gemma Arterton or Jenna Coleman
    Jessamine Lovelace — Gabriella Wilde or Ana Mulvoy-Ten
    Henry Branwell — JJ Fields
    Sophie Collins — Emily Browning
    Gideon Lightwood — Daniel Sherman
    Gabriel Lightwood — Xavier Samuel
    Cecily Herondale — India Eisley
    Nathaniel Gray — Jake Abel or Chris Brochu
    Benedict Lightwood — Ralph Fiennes
    Axel Mortmain — Robert Downey Jr.
    Alexei DeQuincey — Alexander Skarsgård
    Camille Belcourt — Eva Green
    Magnus Bane — Godfrey Gao


  7. Mine (not finished!):

    Tessa- Tessa Gray- Willa Holland
    It’s the eyes! Tessa has a natural beauty. The coloring fits perfectly.

    Jessamine Lovelace- Evanna Lynch
    Evanna is British, and she has the hair for it.

    Will Herondale- Aaron Johnson
    I love his hair! He’s got the smirk, too.

    Jem Carstairs- Anthony Neely
    It’s hard to find that hair! He fits the bill, though. But I don’t know if he can act, and he isn’t British…….

    Charlotte Branwell- Rose Byrne
    The bun is on point, and this Australian actress is about the right age.

    Henry Branwell- Rupert Grint
    He has that impish redhead look going for him!

    Sophie Collins- Felicity Jones
    Those hazel eyes!!!

  8. Tessa Gray – Willa Holland, Astrid Berges-Frisbey
    Will Herondale – Aaron Taylor Johnson, James Anthony Brand
    Jem Carstairs – Mitch Hewer, Anthony Neely
    Jessie Lovelace - Sasha Pieterse, Skyler Samuels
    Cecily Herondale – India Eisley
    Charlotte Fairchild – Gemma Arteton, Rachael McAdams
    Henry Branwell – Simon Woods
    Sophie Collins – Emily Browning, Felicity Jones
    Gabriel Lightwood – Alex Pettyfer, Matt Lanter
    Gideon Lightwood – Jensen Ackles, Xavier Samuel

  9. Tessa Gray - Astrid Berges-Frisbey
    Will Herondale - Joshua Anthony Brand
    Jem Carstairs - Mitch Hewer/Anthony Neely
    Jessamine Lovelace - Amanda Seyfried/Candice Accola
    Charlotte Branwell - Willa Holland
    Henry Branwell - Eddie Redmayne
    Sophie Collins - Emily Browning
    Gabriel Lightwood - Xavier Samuel
    Gideon Lightwood - Max Irons/Jensen Ackles
    Cecily Herondale - India Eisley
    Nate Gray - Jake Abel


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