Monday, November 19, 2012

JOIN US: Jamie Campbell Bower's birthday celebration #HappyBirthdayJamie

Join Our Happy Birthday Celebration
for Jamie Campbell Bower!
This Thursday (November 22nd) while you are gobbling down the turkey and dressing, don't forget to join us throughout the day as we wish our very own Jace, Jamie Campbell Bower, the very happiest of 24th birthdays!
The ladies at The Mortal Institute will be joined by Mundie Moms, TMI Source, TMI Spanish News, TMI ExaminerJamie Campbell Spain and a host of other fan site as we wish a #HappyBirthdayJamie  to @jamiebower for Jamie's birthday! We really are thankful that we have Jamie as a part of the TMI family and we want to make sure he knows it.
In addition, I've teamed up with @CDSvzla, @TMI_Colombia, @shadowhuntersar, @TMICanada and @TMISpanishNews for a very cool video project. Email us at with ONE LINE to a poem about Jamie.
Here's how it works....
The idea of the project is to record yourself or ... preferably a group of 3 or more, a video saying a phrase that rhymes, like a verse, or if you don't like videos, take some photos rhyming phrases eric style ... Ex..
( Ohhh jamie everytime we see you, we can't stop loving you...)

Something like the Eric's poems!! So it's time to have fun, here we leave you some links from diferents videos, really funny and inspiring for you can take notes ;)

CDS Argentina
The Mortal Institute
CDS Venezuela
TMI Canada


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