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Shadowhunter Tweets o' the Week: October 28-November 3, 2012

It's been the best week for The Mortal Institute. We were most thrilled to announce that our co-blogger Shannon and her husband Jonathan gave birth to a happy, healthy baby girl, Charlize! There will be an official post with a beautiful picture of our little Shadowhunter coming soon! Congrats to Shannon and Jonathan!

Along with this news, the big news is the TEASER TRAILER for THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES! Can you believe it? Word from executive producer Martin Moszkowicz is that the trailer could be connected to the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2. As we on the Institute team are already huge Twihards, we will have even more reason to hit up the midnight show if the teaser trailer shows up in the previews!

Here's a look at the best tweets of the week from Twitter (October 28-November 3, 2012):

A first teaser for TMI should hit the screens worldwide very shortly. If all works out well with the release of Breaking ´Dawn 2.

I'm excited for the teaser, too! I'm hoping Hodge gets a moment in it. <3 

The fandom is like an exploding atomic bomb right now

Rough cuts are not the most exciting. No music & still choppy but has a very cool "look" to it. It peaked my interest.
: Are you sad filmings over on the 7th?”sad yes. But film will be great.

Crew is glad to have your support It helps with our long days. Hope you like our work

Let's take a many times do you plan to watch the TMI: City of Bones trailer? 10, 20, 50, 100 or even more times? Let us know!


I HOPE THAT the trailer willbe as good as i wont get over that                       

Maybe 3 times...a day...everyday...until the theatrical release... Maybe... ;)                 

a billion times infinity! :P                 

I say 150!!                 

100+ jkisajko                 

Infinite time works? HAHAHAHAH! xDD 10000x200? Maybe!
Some important Cassie Clare news:

RT : "are we going 2 meet the cast at Comic Con?" I don't really know how Comicon works but I know they plan to have them there!

I think very soon counts as before December. :)

I blame Robert Sheehan for the increase in Simon fanart. :) celestial-delinquent: Chibi Simon & Clary credits…

RT : "How is Kevin&Jemimas brother-sister relationship?" I just told them they have excellent sibling aggravation dynamics.

I get a lot of marriage proposals for Robbie. I don't know if he's the settling down type.

RT : " Did you cry while writing CP2?" yes

RT : " what is the weirdest Robbie has ever said or done while shooting?" almost set fire to someone

not trending in my District *stabs buttons to send more posts

'' I LOVE THIS FANDOM!!! '' *___*! YAAYY! The best fandom EVER!

Everyone shld see "Killing Bono" w/ Robbie&Ben Barnes. Great movie,&it showcases Robbie's musical talents!

their beauty will explode the movie theatres . Especially as

I want to see Kevin as Alec in City of Bones, he's gorgeous

the way Jamie remove Lily's hairclip. Sexual intensity right there.

Robbie said he may get a Twitter one day. Hopefully it's soon so he can see all the love we have for him!

God, can I please just hug him before I die???

They're all beautiful and funny and sweet and charming and they're making our TMI world so they're just perfection.

BREAKING NEWS: Weather alert for August 2013: HOT! MELTING HOT!

“We’re pure at heart and it repels the dirt. That’s what some people might say about us”

because ... well, because I said so!

It's my dream to meet them. They seem like some of the best people in the world and now they're bringing my fav book to life

“Also, I'm sleeping with your mom. Just thought you should know.”

Greetings and salutations. Jace is the only one other than Jamie to say this.

Is it just me, or are they the most beautiful people?

because everyone loves a glittering warlock <3 data-blogger-escaped-p="p">

this cast is the best one of them all! They're so talented, caring and just plain amazing. Not to mention they're gorgeous!

En momentos como este quisiera tener mas manos para twittear por todo el cast

cause Jamie never lies, never hides who he is

Perfect to the point where you consider a multiple-some with them >.<

Never have I squealed so much at candids of a couple ( and )

I heard Lily made the top five heroines and the movie hasn't gone out yet!!!

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