Friday, March 15, 2013

Cassandra Clare diary from 'The Mortal Instruments' set Day 3

Teen has been exclusively sharing Cassandra Clare's diary of her days on the movie set of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Check out what Cassie did below.

We’re back again, Shadowhunters, with an all-new, behind-the-scenes look at The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones in the eyes (and words) of author Cassandra Clare. Once again, you’ll be seeing a picture of yet another cast member — Jemima West! — plus a peek at what eager fans received when they found the Toronto set. So, what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling!

Day Three: Wednesday

I’m in Video Village. Jemima, hair as yet undyed, comes over to show off her Marks.

Cassandra Clare
I discover that all meals served on a movie set are “lunch.” Even if it’s two in the morning, it’s lunch. I eat lunch with Madame Dorothea. She is on her way to being a bit demony, so she has huge talons on her fingers. She is however a beautiful and classy lady. I feel guilty about her eventual fate.

There is not a lot funnier than watching a whole bunch of Silent Brothers who have their mouths stitched shut try to eat. They all end up consuming their “lunch” out of boxes with straws.

Later Robert [Kulzer] shows me the “greenhouse scene” on his iPad. I can’t hear the dialogue, but it looks beautiful. Robert says, “I am a producer, which means my heart is cold and dead, so if I find this romantic and affecting it must be great.” Fair enough.

Shooting goes really late. Hartley, who is the line producer, is caught sneaking hot chocolate to fans lurking outside the studio. Apparently Hartley is a veteran of many films and used to shooing people away, but the TMI fans are so adorable that so far he has given them food and they’ve even had bracelets made for the set visitors. Below is Kevin [Zegers] holding one (it says THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS, 2O12):

Cassandra Clare
“Hartley has been compromised,” says Robert. “The fans are just too cute.”

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