Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy birthday, TMI Institute!

Will, Tessa & Jem characterized by the artist *blindbandit5

Just like any other ordinary day for a blog writer, I lost my first post to the monster that is Blogger. The beastie likes to devour words like tasty morsels. So, here I am on the eve of my site's first birthday trying to put into words what this fandom means to me.
To my bloggers - Shannon, Satin, Sarah who have stuck with me since the beginning: What a ride it's been! We've kind of been through it all, right? We've laughed together, fangirled passionately, cried when things have gotten tough and even shared a few opinions along the way. I love you girls to the moon!! We are in this for always, or the attack ducks from Hyde Park will come get us! TOTEM
To my newest blogger - Humility: I think we've initiated you into the fold enough for you to know that we are a crazy bunch of girls. I'm so, so glad to have you as a friend (and someone I can vent to when Damon Salvatore is misbehaving). Thanks for being our graphic goddess! We appreciate everything you do! Love ya!

To all those who've written for us and helped us along the way: Here's just a partial list of the Shadowhunters I want to thank for being so awesome and taking their time to help us, follow us, and fangirl(or boy) passionately with us! Tita, Katie, Alyssa, Natalie, Angelique, Liliana, Shany, Celine, Allegra,Alessa, Katheryn, Alicia, Tray, and every single follower on our Twitter site. I wish I could name you all. You'll never know how many times you've brought a smile to my face, and I send you all the love in the world.

To the people at Sony, Screen Gems and Constantin and the wonderful Martin Moszkowicz and Harald Zwart: thanks for putting up with my questions, concerns, thoughts, theories and for all you've done to bring the Shadowhunter world to reality. You've helped make my dreams come true by inviting me on this wild ride!

Lily, Jamie, Kevin, Robbie, Jemima, Jared, Godfrey, Jonathan, Lena and Aidan: I know you all have a big road ahead of you as you embark on this roller coaster ride of TMI. Just know you guys have our unconditional support. We appreciate anything and everything you do to share with the fans. From Kevin's twitter parties, Godfrey's Instagram pics, all the future fun things Robbie will say on Twitter to Jamie's random tweets and an occasional favorite and awesome Tumblr pics...we eat it up like candy! You make the fandom fun, and you have no idea how much it means to them. We love you guys and girls, and we wish you happiness and success! Thanks for saying YES to this movie. We are so glad you are being our characters. :)

Finally, to Cassie Clare: The second I met you, I had this moment of surrealism. I'd met my favorite author on my birthday at a swanky little restaurant in Toronto after seeing Gary Oldman and Abby Cornish walk right past me. This doesn't happen everyday. This never happens to me. Just like the Shadowhunter world, I'd discovered a world so different from my own. It was fantastic. You were so sweet, so geniune. You were great to share everything you did with us. I remember Shannon and I going back to the hotel and talking for hours about how amazing it was to just pick your brain a bit. I remember saying I was a bit overwhelmed by everything, but it was the best feeling in the world. Thanks for making us feel included. I could go on and on about what your books mean to me. In a couple days, we'll all have Clockwork Princess in our hands and know the fates of Tessa, Jem and Will. It's a wonderful way to round out year one! Love ya lots!

Well, there's a lot more to come. There's 159 days until the TMI movie and 2 days until CP2. I think to start our year 2 I will be counting all the little blessings, all the little smiles and the incredible happiness this fandom has brought to me! I love you all! Amber

Jem, Tessa & Will by street-angel
the rest of the TID characters by *blindbandit5

Thanks to Celine from @TMICanada

This funky card is created by Will, Tessa, & Jem.
Create your own funky card at CardFunk.

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