Monday, March 11, 2013

Music Monday #22: The definitive Jem Carstairs playlist

I have a really hard time picking songs that remind me of Jem Carstairs, my very favorite character in The Infernal Devices series. A lot of times it involves listening to a song that reminds me too much of him and then I worry that Cassie will kill him. I then have to go sob in a corner. It's really an ugly moment.
Nevertheless, I have picked a few songs and left it to the Shadowhunter fandom to help me get through this. I'll start with a song from the Broadway musical Wicked. I know this is sung by a girl, but the lyrics remind me so much of Jem and Tessa. I guess this is the song I choose if he doesn't survive this book. Grab your tissues.. .this song, like all the ones on this play list, is a tearjerker.
Submitted by @shannoncatori - Drowning by How to Destroy Angels
 Submitted by @shannoncatori

Claudia GarcĂ­a@MaClauG_C
Hum... is it to crazy to answer "Brothers" from FMA? The violin version xD


My selection again near and dear to me and reminds me of Will and Jem:

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