Monday, March 11, 2013

Cassie talks Clockwork Princess

Once again Cassie has been on Tumblr answering questions.  This time she talks about the ending, and whether it will be what fans are looking for.  source

"Hi Cassie, I have a little question concerning - surprise surprise! - Clockwork Princess. Do you think that a Statistic Reader of TID (with the amount of questions you receive daily, and the fact you see everything that’s going on in the fandom you probably have an idea what the Statistic Reader “looks” like) will be more happy (as in “well in the end they got what they deserved, even if i wouldn’t have thought of such an option for them earlier, but i am content) or more sad (as in “NO”) with the ending of CP2, both as the ending of this book alone, and as the conclusion of the whole series? "
— linetteherondale
I know a lot less about what’s going on in the fandom that you might think! I see what’s on my dash but otherwise I never go on the tags (my assistant does sometimes) and try to generally leave things alone as I believe both in Not Interfering and Too Much Information.
I’ve talked to two journalists now who read Clockwork Princess for review and both seemed to think the ending fell into the “Bittersweet but fitting” category — and both declared themselves to be “very happy” with it. I didn’t get the sense either were passionately dedicated shippers of one thing or another, fwiw, (but being a passionate shipper of one thing or another actually puts you out of the “mean average reader” category anyway and into the “wants specific outcome” category).
But that’s really the only feedback I have that doesn’t come from early readers like editors or betas: Holly and Sarah and Libba and Maureen etc. And I am not the best judge myself. I wrote the ending as it was always intended to be, in the sense that it says the things I wanted to say about life and love and death. I can only cross my fingers and hope it works for you all too.
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