Saturday, March 9, 2013

Clockwork Princess chapter titles!!!


Cassie just listed the chapters for Clockwork Princess on Tumblr!

Clockwork Princess Chapter Titles

Below: the chapter titles for Clockwork Princess. If you are enormously spoilerphobic, skip!


1) A Dreadful Row

2) The Conqueror Worm

3) To the Last Hour

4) To Be Wise and Love

5) A Heart Divided

6) Let Darkness

7) Dare to Wish

8) That Fire of Fire

9) Graven in Metal

10) Like Water Upon Sand

11) Fearful of the Night

12) Ghosts on the Road

13) The Mind Has Mountains

14) Parabatai

15) Stars, Hide Your Fires*

*A lot of people think this is a Mumford and Sons reference, but they’re actually referencing Macbeth: “Stars, hide your fires/let not light see my black and deep desires.”

16) Only Noble to be Good

17) To Lie and Burn

18) The Infernal Devices

19) Burning Gold

20) Thunder in the Trumpet

21) Than Any Evil

22) The Measure of Love

Epilogue: Present Day.


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