Monday, March 18, 2013

New Sebastian and Maia and Jordan Shadowhunter Tarot cards!

You guys asked for them and Cassandra Clare has given them. We have just received two more Shadowhunter Tarot cards from Cassandra Clare by the very talented Cassandra Jean. The first one is Sebastian and the second one is features Maia and Jordan. Check them out below:

“Hey Cassie. I’m keeping a very close eye on the tarot. I’m really looking forward to ones with Jonathan (Sebastian) and Maureen. Can’t wait for the deck to grow. — tsvetuschayaroza”

“Hi Cassie. I really love the Shadowhunter Tarot deck! Do you/Cassandra Jean have Maia in the tarot card deck too? — mind-fangs”
Yep! Not all the cards are drawn, but Maia is in the deck more than once. Here’s one. The moon card. (I’m not sure this one is final. A lot of me just wants to give the whole card to Maia and give Jordan a different card.)
What are your thoughts on teh Shadowhunter Tarot cards?

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