Thursday, April 19, 2012

City of Bones: Who do you want to see in the movie?

Okay, I took a second to regroup from the Indiewire playlist they had for City of Bones before I decided to post anything. At first I thought about not even giving a link to that ludicrous list they had, but then I decided that it might give a few people a laugh.

With the movie set to begin shooting in August, I have seen a lot of people give their ideas as to who they want in the roles. Everyone is entitled to their opinions (including Indiewire, I suppose), so I thought I would ask the fanbase who they want in the roles that are remaining. No, I'm not even listing Jace and Clary, as they have been filled by Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins. To me, it's not really a matter of debate or discussion at this point.

So, now it's your turn to give Indiewire a run for their money. Fans, who do you want to see in the following roles:

  • Simon
  • Isabelle
  • Alec
  • Magnus
  • Jocelyn
  • Luke
  • Hodge
  • Valentire
  • Brother Jeremiah
Please share your thoughts in the comments section below and be nice! :)


  1. Okay, first things first. We need people cast that will really be willing to stick around because I'm determined we will get at least 3 movies. That and Jocelyn, Luke, Valentine, Hodge are all the same age.

    Simon-I can only see Logan Lerman. I don't usually picture people when I read but I saw him as my Simon.

    Isabelle-this one is hard for me. I think much like casting Jace we need someone who BE Izzy, not just act all bitchy.
    Ksenia Solo has a very different look.
    While I like Alexandria Daddario as a suggestion, if we are gonna get some one from Percy Jackson let it be Logan. Wouldn't two be too much? Especially as love interests?

    Alec-I was going to say I haven't seen anyone who screamed Alec to me. I feel meh about Nicholas Hoult (for Alec) but then I see this dude named Danny Schwartz and I love him!

    Magnus-I'm not a Darren Criss fan, but since I saw him somewhere mentioned as a Magnus I kind of see him in my head. Also, no no no Adam Lambert.
    Shannon Kook-Chun. He is asian. he's not too young, and he's played gay characters.

    Jocelyn-remember Clary looks like her mother, so we need someone who looks like Lily. Kate Beckinsdale is an interesting suggestion. I love Rachelle Lefevre (though I am unsure about her a Jocelyn) Something about Famke Jenssen stands out to me too.

    Luke-is it weird that sometimes I picture Luke Wilson?

    Hodge-man, I kept trying (in my mind's eye) to make him dumbledore when I read lol. Maybe Alexis Denisof?

    VALENTINE-this is going to be sooo important. Jason Isaacs? but he was already Malfoy. Peter Facinelli would be an interesting turn for him (but I don't know if he has what it requires) Viggo Mortensen? He's already a V.M. lol

    Brother clue!

  2. Agreed, I've barely pictured a real person as Simon, but Logan would be a fabulous choice. He's young enough, and I think he would be the perfect balance of nerdy and adventurous.

    Ksenia Solo is Kenzi on Lost Girl, right? That is an interesting choice. She looks young enough to play the part, and I adore her on the show. She's sassy, has done some of the fighting work that would be needed for the role, and I just kind of like her overall. I still see Phoebe Tonkin in the role of Isabelle now. I think once it was suggested, it seemed to fit. I am trying to stay open minded about her.

    Danny Schwartz is gorgeous, but I am reminded of something I read that Cassie talked about which was the person being able to act. Danny's just a model, right? He's super cute, but I wonder if he has acting chops?

    Oh my gosh! I watch Degrassi fanatically and didn't even realize that people were rooting for Shannon as Magnus! He would be perfect! He is a good actor, and yes, he played a gay character on Degrassi. Such a perfect pick!

    Jocelyn, I wasn't totally decided on a pick for her. Rachelle may be too young, but my thought of Sara Canning might be too young as well. I adored her in Vampire Diaries and Supernatural.

    Luke - actually, I could see Alexis Denisof playing Luke.

    Hodge - Misha Collins...he is a genius and can play the nice guy goes bad type. See him as Castiel in Supernatural.

    Valentine is a hard one for me. I think I did kind of like IndieWire's suggestion of Johnny Lee Miller. Call me a sucker for the movie Hackers. He is so handsome, and I would love to see him go evil.

  3. well, i dont know a lot of actors to make a whole list of who i want to play who :P
    i just have one in mind..

    Zachary Quinto for Magnus Bane xD it's just that he has a certain kind of way when he's staring at someone or when thinking about something that's devilish x3 and since magnus is half demon.. well :P he's gotta have a killer stare! and besides, zach will look awesome in magnus's wardrobe xD

    but i love the book so much. so i hope that whoever (or is it whomever?) plays the roles are really like the ones cassie imagined them to be when writing the book :D

    1. Agreed! I can't wait to see who the final picks are. :)


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