Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ways to promote City of Lost Souls

Since we only have a month until release of City of Lost Souls, I started thinking about ways to help promote the book via twitter. One of my new twitter friends, @Elena_xf, suggested that we set aside some time to dedicate to Twitter trending. I thought it was an awesome idea, and several of the other fan sites (@mundiemoms, @tmi_source, @tmispanishnews, etc)  chimed in that they want to help.

For some of my followers on my personal Twitter (@lostiegirl78 if you want to follow me there, too), you know I am a big fan of several things. Recently, another bunch of fan groups did a trend for one of my favorite artist's new songs. They set a time and wanted the fans to tweet creatively but make sure they added the name of the song. They also chose NOT to use a hash tag as they felt that they'd had more success to get it to trend. They got it trending, and it was fun to participate.

So, this is an all-call to get some ideas on what we could use to help trend for CoLS. I think it should be something relatively short, something fun and something that will be a positive reflection on the fan base and for Cassie Clare. We've tentatively decided that this coming Monday (4/9) as a good day to do this, but we haven't set a time yet. One of the keys to successful trending is to have a concentration of tweets about the topic at one time.... so once we pick a time, don't start early! I made that mistake today. Since we have international followers, I'd like to know what the best time is (let's use Eastern time just to be standardized) for us all to tweet. I know I'm the newbie on the block, so please feel free to offer an advice! I want to make our trending a big success!


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