Wednesday, April 11, 2012

'Jamie is Jace': Cassie Clare confirms TMI title role

 There's nothing better than super-duper complete confirmation. It seems like every day, Cassie Clare comes to us with "Yes, Jamie is going to be Jace" and somehow many fans continue to ask. It's probably because some industry websites won't put him as attached to the project until Sony announces it. Never fear though, if Cassie says it's so then I'm believing her. It also helped that fans got a little shoutout from Jamie Campbell Bower on his twitter feed on Monday after the hashtag #WeAreShadowhunters was the number 1 trend in the world.

So, Cassie went to Tumblr to once again clear up rumors and ease our minds. By the way, you have to love the "Jamie is perplexed" pic. Totally adorable, right??

Because my ask box is crazy full of questions about this — yes, there have a few (well, one that I know of) articles saying Jamie Campbell-Bower isn’t attached to the City of Bones movie any more.

Jamie is perplexed.
I was perplexed by the rumors as well but I wanted to take the time to check them out completely; I knew they were negotiating Jamie’s contract, but I can tell you after major thorough checking — yes, 100% he is Jace; Lily is ecstatic, I am, the whole team at Constantin is; Jamie has a trainer, he’s been working out six days a week and drinking protein shakes and by all tales told to me looks terrific.
Soon he will look like this.

[i am JUST KIDDING. This will not happen. Breathe.] Here’s Jamie actually talking about his training regimen at 8:50 in this video:

Stephanie, our casting director, is actively casting the rest of the roles — that means auditions, lists of actors, the whole shebang; I got a peek at some lists and was really excited. You never know how things will shake out, but there were some great actors suggested. I’m excited they’re going to audition.
In sum: Jamie is Jace, nothing has changed, sometimes there are weird rumors on the Internet, I try to be there for you to confirm or deny when I can — if I don’t answer right back it’s because I don’t know and I’m checking.
With active casting going on right now, who do you want to see in the major roles? Have you been dying to see Logan Lerman as Simon? Do you have the perfect Magnus in mind? Let me know!
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