Monday, April 16, 2012

Twitter asks #WhatIsSebastianHiding? Shadowhunters respond

There is nothing better than a question to get the Twitter world chirping. Today, we got a little help from our friends at TMI Source, Mundie Moms and TMI Examiner and thousands of fans to ask the question: #WhatIsSebastianHiding?

Last week, TMI fans took Twitter by storm with the slogan #WeAreShadowhunters, making the hashtag trend number 1 in the world. The idea was to get the word out that Shadowhunters are the best fans in the world and that we are all eagerly anticipating the release of Cassandra Clare's newest book City of Lost Souls, which will be released on May 8th.

We started tweeting at 1 pm ET today and in just three minutes, we made #WhatIsSebastianHiding the number three trend. By 1:06 ET, it was the number two trend in the entire world.

Screencap Via
There was a tough battle for the number one trend. We couldn't quite beat #IfWeJustSmashing, which had something to do with the show Jersey shore. However, we did get squash Gail Platt, who is a character on the British soap Coronation Street. We managed to get a tweet

There were things I learned from the twitter party today:

  • TMI fans have a passion for saving Jace
  • TMI fans are everywhere: Belgium, Brazil, Indonesia, Cairo, UK, Canada, Virginia, Texas, and the list goes on and on.
  • TMI fans are funny and awesome! Some of the funny and unique responses I got from the question #WhatIsSebastianHiding:
    • Magnus' glitter
    • Pink panties
    • Jace is a cheerleader
    • Probably everything!
    • The fact that he wants Clary all to himself
    • That Clary has to kill Jace and Sebastian knows it.
  • That TMI fans want to trend again!!!!
So, we plan on doing it again just for TMI fans! We will announce next Sunday, April 22, what the new trend will be. In the meantime, send me your suggestions for the next trending idea. You can leave a comment below or you can tweet me at @tmi_institute or send me your thoughts to

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