Saturday, April 21, 2012

Shadowhunter Tweets O' The Week

In the spirit of another fandom I belong to, I thought I'd share a tradition that has been so much fun in the past. That's why I'm starting Shadowhunter Tweet's O' the Week. From Sunday to Saturday, I'll compile some of the most clever, funniest or most important tweets from The Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices fans, Cassandra Clare, Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower and more. 

This is YOUR time to shine. How it works:

  • I will tediously scour Twitter for awesome Shadowhunter tweets. 
  • I will post them every weekend.
  • I will sent out emails to every Tweeter that has a tweet on my post.
 There's no competition to the posts and nothing will be awarded. This is merely something fun that I know everyone will like.  This is the first week of what I hope to be a long, long TMI tradition! If you see any cool tweets you think needs to be in the Tweets O' the Week, make sure to send you tweet to me and let me know it's for Tweets O' the Week. 
So to start out: 

Shadowhunter Tweets O' the Week 
 Sunday, April 15 - Saturday, April 21

During the #WhatisSebastianHiding trending
 Tweets about City of Lost Souls:
Cassie Clare love and fan questions:
  •   :@cassieclare I really want know: Vampires have to pee? And if they have ... It is red? Sorry if you don't understand, i don't speak english
  • :@cassieclare Hmm. I wonder.. will there be more from the Infernaevices in City of Lost Souls? ;D
ICYMI: Important Cassie Clare tweets

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