Thursday, April 26, 2012

Casting Rumor: Did Shannon Kook-Chun audition for Magnus Bane?

I've been trying hard not to get too excited when it comes to casting rumors, but there is some compelling evidence that Shannon Kook-Chun (@shannonkook on Twitter), best known for his role as Zane Park on Degrassi, may have auditioned for the role of Magnus Bane for The Mortal Instruments movie.

Here's a series of tweets we have seen from Shannon this week, which was blogged on purplelittlething:

What do we know about Shannon? Here's the lowdown on him. According to Degrassi Wiki, Shannon Kook-Chun is a South African and Chinese actor known for playing the character of Zane Park on Degrassi. His father is Chinese and his mother is South African. Argiris Karras encouraged him to try out for the role of Zane Park. They are friends in real life. Shannon has been a guest star in the CBC shows, "Being Erica" and "The Border". He also plays the role of Deven Phillips in the show, Baxter with a former Degrassi star Evan Williams, who plays Baxter McNab. He plays opposite a former Degrassi actor, John Bregar, in "Verona: The Movie", where they both portray gay men. Shannon has stated that he is not gay in real life.

Here's a link to his IMDb page.

Are you excited about this possible casting choice? Do you think Shannon is the perfect Magnus? Share your thoughts below or check out my thoughts on Twitter!


  1. Other then Zane I haven't seen much of his acting, Just don't know if he could pull it off ( as I have yet to find some one to be Magnus Bane) tho is acting is rock solid... it would be great to see him do it. LOL it fits really well tho the way I see it he seems to play gay characters and We all should know Magnus preferences by now ;)

  2. OMG! Shannon would make an absolutely PERFECT Magnus!


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