Sunday, April 8, 2012

We're taking over Twitter: #WeAreShadowhunters

It's just ONE MONTH away from the release of City of Lost Souls, and all TMI fans want to show that we support Cassandra Clare. I know that I'm super excited to be collaborating with @mundiemoms @tmi_source @tmispanishnews and @elena_xf for tomorrow's trending event!

So here's the details:

First, we will tweet #WeAreShadowhunters starting at 12:00 pm EST (that's noon in NYC time).

You can go to The World Clock to synchronize your watches! 

We want you to have fun, be creative and watch this trend worldwide! Make sure to tweet the hashtag only once per tweet. I've talked with a few other fansites who has said that tweeting more than one repetitive hashtag in a tweet can actually backfire. You also don't want to start tweeting earlier than the time we've planned to start. We want twitter to spike this trend so we will see it on the trending charts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to check with any one of the twitter accounts above! 


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