Monday, April 9, 2012

WE DID IT! #WeAreShadowhunters trends Number 1 Worldwide

I've probably never been prouder to be a fan of something more than I am at this very moment. WE DID IT!! With the help of Cassie Clare, @TMI_Source, @MundieMoms, @tmispanishnews @Elena_XF and the millions of others involved in this effort, we made #WeAreShadowhunters the number 1 Twitter Trend Worldwide!!!! Who knew a few tweets among each other could grow into a worldwide event like that. Cassie woke up just in time to see us trend and helped join in the fun!!

We even got a shoutout from Jamie Campbell Bower!!

This is just the beginning!! 

Keep checking back on my twitter account @TMI_Institute for what the next Twitter trend will be!!! 

Thanks to all that made this day awesome!!!

Shadowhunter love,


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