Monday, January 21, 2013

COB + round four MTV Movie Brawl= CP2 Snippet

ICYMI The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones has made it to round 4 in MTV's Movie Brawl and to celebrate the wonderful Cassie Clare said she'll give us a new Clockwork Princess snippet with illustration, stay tuned!

Here's Cassie's Tumblr post:

MTV Movie Brawl 2013: Round Um…Four?
Second: To celebrate, I am going to post a small Clockwork Princess snippet, with illustration!
Third: We are now up against Spring Breakers. I have not heard of this movie, admittedly, so I can’t say anything about it, but — if you are reading my Tumblr, I am going to hope you are more excited about City of Bones, and will vote for it. You can vote here:
Third: Just to say: I’ve been seeing some upset comments about people getting really angry at each other over the Movie Brawl. Really, I just want to say — it’s just a poll for fun. It doesn’t mean anything. You know what won last year? Cosmopolis. It beat the Hunger Games. Have you heard of Cosmopolis? I hadn’t. It made less than a million dollars at the box office and I believe that the Hunger Games made 400 million. This is all about voting for movies that none of us have ever seen, so there is no way it can be a quality referendum. It’s just a fun poll about excitement levels. So be happy, have fun with the poll, and if anyone’s hateful to you about the things you like, don’t be hateful back. 

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