Wednesday, January 2, 2013

THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS:CITY OF BONES makes CNN's list for The Biggest,Buzziest Movies of 2013!

THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS:CITY OF BONES made CNN's list for Biggest and Buzziest movies of 2013 in the YA category.

"(CNN) -- While the Academy gets ready to crown the best films of the past year, we've got something else for your consideration. From "The Avengers 2" to "World War Z," CNN Entertainment presents your guide to the biggest, best and buzziest movies of 2013."

THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS:CITY OF BONES made the list alongside The Hunger Games:Catching Fire, Beautiful Creatures and Ender's Game. Each of which are book to movie adaptations.

 "The latter two are good-versus-evil supernatural stories: "Mortal Instruments" is about half-angel demon hunters, or Shadowhunters, and "Beautiful Creatures" is about light and dark witches, or casters, who discover what they are during a ceremony at age 16. "We've really loved everything we've seen so far in the film," said "Beautiful Creatures" co-author Kami Garcia. Audiences will likely love Emmy Rossum's take on the lollipop-wielding Ridley, who casts her siren spell with each lick."

You can check out the full CNN article here.

THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS:CITY OF BONES will be in theaters this year on August 23rd.

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