Thursday, January 17, 2013

Splitting hairs over Clary's red locks

Book interpretation of Clary's hair
 Normally, Cassie Clare is pretty quiet about how the movie makers have done in regards to the actor's physical appearance for the upcoming Mortal Instruments: City of Bones film, but she took a second to discuss it via Tumblr.

morgantheweird asks: How do you feel about Clary not having fiery red hair like you’ve described (and I’ve always pictured) in the movie? I just don’t think it will be the same. 

Well, movies aren’t supposed to be the same. :) They’re supposed to be interpretations. Whether they’re interpretations you like, that I don’t think is something you can know until the movie is a movie.
Clary's red locks in the movie

I don’t usually answer questions about the cast’s appearances because 1) Not something I can control 2) I haven’t seen any more finished footage than you have, and have no idea about what might be changed in post production. Basically, I can’t say much about a film I haven’t seen, but things like Clary’s hair (and it isn’t as if it isn’t red, we’re talking about splitting hairs (hee, terrible pun) between exact shades of the color red) aren’t important to me in the manner that someone being able to capture Clary’s bravery and vulnerability and humor are.
Harry Potter has green eyes in the HP books: very important green eyes, green eyes that matter to the plot in a way Clary’s hair color doesn’t really. Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t have green eyes, in life or the films, but I don’t think that’s stopped him from being the Harry Potter for a generation of people. Such is what my tumblr dash tells me, anyway.
How do you feel about the subtle difference in Clary's locks compared to the book? Are you happy with what the TMI stylist team has done? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. the hair o eyes (except for magnus´s eyes) are not so important, the interprtation is!! Jace has to be sarcastic and protective, pedant, Isabelle bitchy and proud, Alec kind of shy but fierce.


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