Thursday, January 10, 2013

New THE DARK ARTIFICES information!

Cassie answered questions on tumblr and gave us some more info on Emma and TDA!

emma, water demons

Since the Shadowhunters of TDA live by the ocean, do you think their gear would more closely resemble wetsuits than the leather gear of TMI, in order to fight water demons? Loving all the costume design potential! — ashleydemon

hey cassie, can i just say, i love you and your books. a lot. and i hope you get better soon :~) so i’m dressing up to a party as emma carstairs, because my name starts with e, but im not sure what she wears, i was just going to dress up like izzy, because i wasn’t sure (about anything, really). octopus. — wereallstoriesinthe-end


Octopus! I like that as a signoff, like “love.” “Octopus, Cassie.”

There is actually water gear, though all Shadowhunters have it. It’s not like the New York Shadowhunters might not ever need to go into the river. It’s different from dry land gear. Dive boots, water-resistant material, waterproof belts — fun!

I love the ocean. Like, love, love the ocean. I grew up near the ocean. I miss it. :( Part of the fun of setting Dark Artifices in Los Angeles was getting to write about THE OCEAN. I even made Holly come with me to one of my favorite beaches, where there are sea-caves.

Me: Look how pretty the sea-caves are!

Holly: Yes, they seem very nice.

Me: Just don’t go into them at high tide … wait, where did you go?

Passerby: That lady seems to have been washed out to sea.

Lesson: the sea is a treacherous mistress. Emma is, actually, petrified of the ocean. That doesn’t mean she won’t go in it or kill demons in it, but she has nightmares about being pinned down at the bottom of the ocean with thousands of tons of black water on top of her.

As for dressing up like Emma, she doesn’t dress like Izzy most of the time, she’s more jeans and tank tops and less velvet coats and high heels. She doesn’t wear dresses much. They both wear gear, but I would imagine Emma’s as more thoroughly beaten up, torn and repaired frequently, while Izzy would always make sure hers was spotless until she was actually fighting at the time.

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