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A fangirl talk about CLOCKWORK PRINCESS: Chapter 1

We all got a glimpse at the beginning of the end of The Infernal Devices series with the first chapter of Clockwork Princess. So, Sarah (@thepaisleyowl) and I decided to have a discussion on all the goodies from this first look at the book. We still have until March 19th, but let's talk about what we know so far:


SARAH: I don't know if it is because the title is "A Dreadful Row" or it is the expectations we all have that this book will be beyond depressing, but I automatically get a sense of sadness when I start this chapter.

AMBER: I think so, too! Just from the little bit of info we got in this first chapter really gives me the feeling that it's all heading to a very tragic ending.

SARAH: I feel like Tessa is nothing but melancholy. I mean, I know she's in love with a dude who is dying AND his best friend she will never have, but sometimes she's so martyr-like, lol. I get the feeling that she isn't even excited about this wedding dress fitting.

AMBER: That line where she talks about racing Jem's clock winding down broke my heart. She seems like she feels obligated to the wedding for the sake of Jem's happiness. Like it doesn't quite hold the romance it should.

SARAH: Well, though Tessa loves Jem, I don't think it has ever been the all consuming fiery love like she has for Will. I love when Charlotte lifts her and carries her off...though I become concerned since Charlotte is pregnant, lol.

AMBER: Haha, I bet she's pretty safe.

SARAH: I've already said before how suspect I find Cecily. Though after reading the whole chapter I feel slightly different. I am not sure how I feel about this whole scene with Will and Cecily. In a way it is almost overkill for me. I guess it illustrates that she's stuck around and is training and is more advanced than Will thinks?

AMBER: She was certainly determined to get Will to write to their parents. I wondered if there was an ulterior motive in that itself. BUT, I do see her motives at this point as pretty genuine.

SARAH: Demon pox. lmao. of course Will didn't mention it, lol. Everyone sort of picks at him about demon pox so i wouldn't say anything either.

AMBER: I was ready for him to break out the attack ducks! They have such little faith in him!

SARAH: Sophie and Gideon. I am team Sophie and Gideon. I'd like to see them together. I am so sad by Sophie's little flashback to what seems like a sexual assault. I still totally hold out hope for them.

AMBER: I truly hope they get together. I believe Gideon is kind hearted and gentle enough with Sophie that he could get her past her fears. That couple is one of two possibilities for the Lightwood lineage. There is, however, a possibility for Gabriel and Cecily! Hmmmmm, I could like that pair a lot.

SARAH: Perhaps others would take this passage with Gabriel very seriously. I giggled the whole time. Benedict is an ass. It is hilarious he has demon pox and even funnier that he's turned into a damn demon lol.

AMBER: My very first thought is that Benedict is turning into a Ravenor demon!! With the worm description from this and the centipede/alligator description in City of Bones. I think that is totally where that's heading. It's so wild! Good job, Cassie!

SARAH: Charlotte becoming part of the consul would totally make sense. She's proven her ability and now that she's having a baby I could see her taking a more "desk" type job, you know? Plus I sort of hope this would further keep her and the baby out of danger.

AMBER: Agreed. I'm still totally terrified that something will happen to Charlotte and that someone else will end up raising the baby. :( What are your thoughts on Cecily?

SARAH: Cecily. She seems a little boy crazy. She seems to have eyes for everyone. I feel certain that she will end up with Gabriel Lightwood. Her blue eyes? Totally sound like Alec, right? That would mean, that if we are correct about Will's line leading to Jace, Jace is actually related to Izzy and Alec.

AMBER: That's a great theory. It would be awesome if that is uncovered. Hopefully we will find out the exact lineage in the family tree, although Cassie said that the tree might actually be deceiving. She's a clever one!!

We'll post most fangirl talks regarding TID, TMI and all things Shadowhunter soon. Make sure to pick up Clockwork Princess on March 19th. Share your comments below!

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