Sunday, April 28, 2013

Charlotte Branwell Shadowhunter Tarot!

Cassandra Clare has share another shadowhunter tarot card by Cassandra Jean with us and it is of the beloved Charlotte Branwell.

Check out what Cassie said about the tarot card:

Today’s Cassandra Jean tarot card! Charlotte gets the card of Justice, here The Leader. Interestingly: “Justice mediates the various claims of right, of morality, of duty. In a world of scarcity, not every claim can be met. Justice, in theory, sets forth a system to judge between the claims. The tarot card is therefore typically closer to the notion of Jurisprudence than to the abstract concept of Justice.” - Wiki

This works well for Charlotte because she, being the leader of the Institute, works within the laws of the Clave to bring about moral change. She also has a lot of personal charisma and smarts, all leadership qualities — recognized, I think, in Clockwork Princess!

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