Thursday, April 11, 2013

TMI movie still in Entertainment Weekly

Izzy (Jemima West), Simon (Robert Sheehan) and Clary (Lily Collins) have snagged a spot in EW's Summer Preview issue.

In the article Lily speaks about being a fan of the book series before being cast as Clary Fray and thus the importance of doing Clary justice in portraying her because she felt so close to Clary having read City of Bones. She said, “I really hope I did Clary justice, because I’m a fan too. I have high expectations of my literary heroines.”

Jamie Campbell Bower also discussed his role as Jace as well as negative reactions to his portraying the snarky beloved shadowhunter, he said,“I had to sit back and assess why I was doing this role and it’s because I love it.”

Cassandra Clare sounded off on fan reactions to Jamie as Jace saying, “I know intellectually when there’s a really strong reaction about someone being cast, it’s great, because it means people care. I’ve seen Jamie play Jace and he’s perfect.”

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, hits theatres August 23.

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