Sunday, April 14, 2013

New 'TLH' Shadowhunter Tarot cards by Cassandra Jean!

Cassandra Clare recently revealed that she is working on a brand new series with the initial TLH set in 1903. Yesterday she shared 2 new Shadowhunter Tarot cards by Cassamdra Jean, based on TLH.


Here is what Cassie had to say about it:

the TLH characters
I know TLH is a loooong way off, but is there any possible way we could get some slight physical/personality descriptions of the main characters, kind of like you did for TDA? Pretty pretty pretty please?!? :) — onemustalwaysbecarefulofbooks

Remember I’m not checking my fanmail box any more - in fact my husband has set it up so I can’t even get into it. Weird but true. I don’t ask about his magical computer powers. So I’m just working through drafts in my draft box and then I’ll be done, but in the meantime, as for illustrations of the TLH characters…

I have a few in the form of Cassandra Jean’s Tarot cards. Spoilers below…

One of the people pictured is one of the other people’s parabatai.

What do you think of the new tarot cards by Cassandra Jean?

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