Friday, April 19, 2013

Shadowhunter Tarot Card Day 2: Magnus Bane

Cassandra Clare has been sharing Shadowhunter Tarot cards with us for a few months now. She will now be sharing one Shadowhunter Tarot a day for 84 days. On Wednesday she shared the card of Magnus Bane.
Cassandra Jean has finished the complete Shadowhunter Tarot, so for the next … eighty-four? days I’ll be posting a card a day in order, from the first card to the last. Some will be under spoiler cuts; some you’ll have seen before — I’ll explain why each character has the card they have. Today is day 2.


 This card corresponds to the Magician card. Magnus is the Magician, well — for obvious reasons! Many have asked why Magnus has a halo. He doesn’t: the sign over his head is the infinity sign. It is meant to signify the infinite nature of magic and comes from the original Rider-Waite Tarot. I like to think it symbolizes here that Magnus’ life is infinite as well.

Look closely for Chairman Meow, the Book of the White, and Woolsey’s snuffbox!

What is your favorite thing about the card featuring the High Warlock of Brooklyn?

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