Tuesday, April 30, 2013


What a way to end the night. Cassie Clare revealed a new piece of spoiler art from Cassandra Jean. This is of Sebastian aka Jonathan Morgenstern.

Take a look at what Cassie had to say about this....
Otherwise known as Everyone Seems Too Happy…
Some CoHF spoilery art for you! With Clockwork Princess now out for a month, I’ve decided it’s time to start mixing up answers about Clockwork Princess and cut scenes with a few teasers for the last book in that other series. This teaser isn’t words, it’s art by Cassanda Jean. I won’t make any promises about what it means but I think, unlike the previous piece,and the other previous piece,and oh, that last piece … that you may well not like it. :D

It IS A SPOILER for an actual scene so we want to know what you think. Who could Sebastian be talking about in this? Is the boyfriend really dead or does Sebastian just think he is dead? Is it Jace, Simon, Jordan, Alec or maybe even Luke or Magnus? Ready, set, debate.


  1. Omg I hope its not jace!

  2. It better not be Jace or Alec !!!!

    ... Or Simon. The rest of the guys are fair game :D


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